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[RUST-PC] DayZ and Minecraft mix - Come try it out

Discussion in 'Sandbox Games' started by Sedate, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Sedate

    Sedate Ogre Newling

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    Join Rustology server Hosted by SPQRGAMING Multi Gaming Community! We offer the new Rust++ Mods that include DoorShare and other neat tools!
    Come game with your friends or clan and enjoy a shared 500 slot Teamspeak3 server. Get your own channel in TS with a small donation.
    New server recently wiped with a friendly starting community. Come build with us and survive. The Server Admins understand the importance of legitimacy.
    All players on RUSTOLOGY are able to do whatever they please on the server, other than the obvious which is cheating. So it is simple,
    no rules, enjoy your Rust experience as an outlaw, there are no rules that govern you.

    All that we ask is do not grief a base you raid or that is in the process of being build by obstructing construction or not allowing the exit or entrance
    of the building owner into the premises.

    Just keep in mind; cheating will lead to a permanent ban with no
    reevaluation considered. Do not think to cheat, if you are not sure something is exploitative in which it gives you the upper hand over your fellow
    server mates, please make sure to inquire about it to an admin or server community manager. Come join now! The Sooner the better! The server
    was just wiped recently. We know that the majority of Rust servers are currently occupied by admin abusing individuals, cheaters/hackers;
    we will do what we can to make sure we promote a fun and legitimate competitive environment for everyone to play!
    If you have any questions/inquiries or suggestions of any kind please do not hesitate to contact us at

    If this is the place for you connect in Rust via the console
    Press F1 and type in the following command:
  2. Mordekaiser

    Mordekaiser Dealer of Death Ogre Veteran

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    I think the mod is epic

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