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"Safe Mode" tip

Discussion in 'RuneScape' started by Drama, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. Drama

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    Do you find yourself lagging out?

    Does jagex suddenly send you to the lobby for no reason!?

    Does your internet/computer suck hard but you want to play RuneScape?

    DO YOU GET! The dreaded black/white screen of death!?!?!

    Well look no further than safe mode in RuneScape.

    Safe mode was taken away after an update in november as a default. HOWEVER! If you hold the "s" key while the screen is loading. Safe mode will be enabled again.

    In most cases, safe mode will make any laggy location a lot less laggy. Your fps (frames per second) will go up by about 15-30% generally. Which means smoother gameplay.

    Each time you load runescape you will be prompted to change the graphic settings. Just press "leave alone" if you want to continue using safe mode each time you load RuneScape.

    This may or may not fix your problem but it can possibly help you out. :)

    Have fun RuneScapers -- Ichi.
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