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SMITE on XBOX ONE coming to MLG World Finals

Discussion in 'Smite' started by LosmiK, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. LosmiK

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    Mark your calendars; SMITE and Major League Gaming are teaming up to host the first ever SMITE Xbox One live tournament at the MLG World Finals in New Orleans on October 16-18th. Teams will be competing for $25,000 in prizing and teams who place inside the Top 8 at the MLG World Finals will receive a spot into the MLG Pro League. These teams will compete for $50,000 and an invite to the Xbox Tournament at the SMITE World Championship.

    For those unable to attend the MLG World Finals, the SMITE tournament will be live streamed on mlg.tv/smitegame.

    Tournament structure is to be announced in the upcoming weeks. For more information on the MLG World Finals, http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/finals

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