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Special Event: Secret Santa

Discussion in 'World of Tanks' started by ufbre, Dec 17, 2015.

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  1. ufbre

    ufbre World of Tanks Fan Ogre Veteran

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    Special Event: Secret Santa



    Everybody loves giving and receiving presents on winter holidays (unless it is a big, red-hot angry shell falling down on your head!). Then why not exchange gifts with people who have been splitting waves, camping in the bushes or taking to the skies with us all year long? No matter which game from the Wargaming Universe you enjoy, you can now become a Secret Santa and give presents to other players without even knowing their name or address! Our Secret Santa will run from 17 December at 10:00 so don't miss out!

    How this works:

      • Click BECOME A SECRET SANTA to give a present to a random player
      • Wait a bit, and you will also get a present from another participating player
    You will get exactly as many presents as you have given away. But only the true Santa knows what kind of gift it will be, because winter holidays is a time of surprises! One thing is known for sure: your gift box won't be empty.


    When the event is over, every participant will be awarded a special commemorative medal.

Thread Status:
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