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Speed Leveling Tips

Discussion in 'WYD Global' started by ThreeLitPigy, Apr 15, 2008.

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    Speed Guide: Leveling
    Having problems leveling?
    Unsure of the best way to level?
    Read on to find out a proven way ^^
    NOTE: These tips are for mortal characters level 1 – 400
    Lv. 1 – 35 Expected Time: 30 minutes
    - Keep making new characters to go through training while transferring good stat (orange) A grade armor set (Silk, Hard Leather, Wolf Spirit, Splint) of whatever class you desire) in your cargo
    - A quick CC mode at the coordinate 2423, 2070 (hit M to bring up coordinate map) will level your character up to at least 40
    - If you cannot CC mode those monsters, don’t worry there are plenty of lower level monsters like elder gremlins and gorillas.
    - This step can be skipped (see next step)
    Lv. 1 – 150 ish Expected Time: 60 minutes
    - Now, join an academy … they can be found recruiting near NPC Aki or the Gold Dragon in Armia Town During 1:00, 8:00, and 18:00 game time (hit insert to check), just ask them to join politely – it costs nothing.
    - If possible, some higher level players will be doing an “Exp Share/Questâ€. Ask them for a party politely and in less than an hour you can be close to level 150, depending on what exp quest the party members are on
    - These academies also have academy waters (leveling scroll thingy :D) 1 hour after recruiting – exp quests should be better, but if none are available, you should politely ask an operator (people who recruit) for a water party
    - Keep in mind that there is an event called “Academy League,†if an operator asks for name and level to join league, do as he says and stay on to await further instructions regarding league. You will win levels and lak powders if your academy wins
    - Levels will be put in your character automatically by GM after server maintenence
    Lv. 150 ish – 300 ish Expected Time: Couple of days
    - Now would be a good time to do mystic land quest (Lv. 75) for a mystic amulet
    - This, by far is the hardest gap to overcome because it involves some money
    - By around Lv. 150 you should start to notice waters don’t help you as much as they did ^^. This is ok – still join every exp quest and waters you can
    - Now with grade A armor at around level 150 on top of your shire horse (in cargo), you should begin to work on the Lv. 116 God’s Garden quest (hit X to bring up quest menu)
    - Somehow scrape enough money to buy 1 quest ticket (needed to enter quest) and gradually sell all the C reps and armors you get (some armors are worth a lot – particularly 10% magic attack and 7 critical)
    - Too enter the Lv. 191 Quest, keep in mind that A grade armor is probably not good enough, you should work on a better set. However, the Lv. 191 quest is great exp with nicer gold bonus and drops.
    - Gradually building up your money, keep an eye out for “Water N Shares†– sometimes these are boxed, which makes a huge boost of exp. Shares are simple – you pay 2-3 (Lv. 1 – make sure they are Lv. 1, should be about 1m each) scrolls along with others. A full party gets about 20-30 scrolls. Someone will box and your little red exp bar will be dancing. Shares last about 2 hours and beware of scammers who take scrolls.
    - If you somehow get around 16m, then buy 2 Water M Scrolls (8m ea) or an exp box (15m ea) to join a “Water M Share.†They are like water n, except the exp gained is HUGE. High levels do these all the time. NOTE: You have to be at least level 200 to join water m shares.
    - Remember to do league!
    Lv. 300 ish – 400 Expected Time: Couple of days / weeks
    - If you win league you should get a couple of levels
    - Borrow some water m / exp box to do shares during mortal 2x exp (2:00, 9:00, 19:00) which lasts 2 hours.
    - Once you are level 371, you can apply for graduation = 5 lak and 10 ori powders
    - Pay that person back who you borrowed that water m / exp box from
    - Using remaining money (should be a little bit left) do 2 more water M shares to get to 400
    - Gratz your done!
    Note: Later parts require a little bit of money, sorry :(
    Note: These tips are for leveling only to 400 fast, it skips equipments :(
    Note: This does work! (For me it did :D)

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