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Stone Creek Entertainment and MTV Announce I WOO YOU Social Network Game for Facebook

Discussion in 'Social Games' started by GameOgreVideos, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Stone Creek Entertainment, a publisher of video games, and MTV today announced I WOO YOU TM , a new social network game that brings digital dating and romance to Facebook. I WOO YOU is also a promotional vehicle for the MTV shows, including “The Real World†and incorporates the likes and dislikes of many of the shows’ characters.

    “MTV and Facebook are a powerful combination when it comes to reaching the youth market,†said Sharon Wood, CEO of Stone Creek Entertainment. “We know I WOO YOU will be a game that they really enjoy while interacting with their favorite shows, personalities and finding out which of their friends they are really a love match with.â€

    “Expanding our shows’ reach through social games is an excellent way for fans to get to know our shows’ casts, stay engaged and interact with their favorite MTV characters,†said Damon Burrell, Vice President of Marketing. “We’ve worked closely with Stone Creek to ensure the MTV touch is in all of the game editions within I WOO YOU and look forward to sharing it with the Facebook community.â€

    I WOO YOU is a game-show style dating game. Players select characters to date and then select question categories. The player asks their date questions. Their date answers the questions, and the player decides if they like or dislike their answers. The date asks the player questions and rates their answers. Then the I WOO YOU METER lets the players know if they’re a match. If they are, they’ll go on a “dateâ€. Players post their date pictures on their Facebook wall.

    MTV cast will be in the game as Non-Playable Characters and their real answers will be included. Players will see if they’re date compatible with them. Then they can go on a “date†within the game, and post it to their Facebook walls.


    o Customizable Avatars

    o Free, earn or purchase customizations: More than 165 different ways to customize avatars

    o 648 I Woo You questions and 29,700 unique NPC’s answers in Single Player mode

    o Speed Match bonus rounds

    o 12 date scenes in which the player has their pictures taken with their true loves

    o Ability to gift and send friends date scene pictures to fill out their date scenes

    o More than 100 custom items to add to date scenes

    o Multiplayer Live Online: Play with Friends to see if they’re your perfect date.

    o 9 different sound effects to send to friends while playing, to goad, applaud, distract or reject potential dates.
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