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Discussion in 'Gamer Creations' started by tender, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. tender

    tender Ogre Newling

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    I would like to introduce you to my new website that serves as a database for various twitch clips. Web will serve as an alternation to the wellknown oddshots, which dosent support uploadings of twitch clips. Web will serve as a place to watch twitch clips for the ordinary viewer and in the same time as a tool for streamers (making compilations of twitch clips for your youtube channel). Website using CSS framework named Bootstrap so is "watchable" on phones or tablets.

    I use twitch API with basic privileges on this website, that allows me to use your nicknames and followed streamers.

    Clips can be filtered by:
    - name of a streamer
    - searched game
    - list of your own followed streamers

    I hope it wont be understand as and advertisemen, but only as a start of a "practical" project for streamers and Viewers in the same time.

    Website adress - Streamclips

    PS: I am finishing college this year and I have a lot of things to do (graduation work, exam, etc..) but if this project going to be used by viewers or streamers i am gonna work on design for sure. Web is more like "alpha" version for now.

    EDIT: I would appreciate any suggestions or opinions :).
  2. Croco12

    Croco12 The Crocodile The Pit
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    So this Program of yours is just to sort clips and then view them, right?

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