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Super 80 Ultimate Airliner Edition

Discussion in 'Single Player RPGs' started by GameOgreVideos, Mar 5, 2011.

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  1. GameOgreVideos

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    With Integrated Cockpit Training System

    Flight1’s acclaimed Super 80 aircraft is now out in a double-aircraft boxed edition for FSX.

    Now includes BOTH the Classic and Next-Gen Airliner Editions!

    Label: Flight1
    Developer: Coolsky
    Genre: Flight Simulator Expansion for FSX
    Format: PC DVD-ROM
    Release: February 2010
    SRP: £39.99 / €49.95
    Barcodes: 5060094401508 (Eng)
    5060094401515 (Ger)

    Classic Airliner & Next Generation Cockpit

    The Boeing MD-80 first saw service in the 1980s, attracting airlines from around the world from launch. It continues in regular service today, with both ‘Classic’ and ‘Next Generation’ cockpit incarnations providing reliable and efficient operations around the globe.

    This ‘Ultimate Airliners Edition’ of this popular and critically acclaimed airliner for Flight Simulator X now includes the original ‘Classic’ Super 80 and the later Super 80 Professional releases of Coolsky’s MD-80 airliner.

    That’s two aircraft and two complete cockpit systems – the original mix of analogue and early 1980s period electronic instrumentation and the latest generation cockpit with full EFIS, FMS, TCAS and other modern systems. You choose which you want to fly...

    This outstanding simulation has been exclusively designed for FSX to take advantage of the latest technology. Featuring a unique Integrated Cockpit Training system that guides you step-by-step through in-flight procedures and systems, PLUS with an automatic aircraft/panel configuration utility – this is one aircraft you can either just jump in and fly or follow the checklist from start-up to shut down!

    - Crisp clear 2D and 3D cockpit views with rollover click spots to access the pop-up Super 80 Centre for views and training.

    - The Cockpit Training System opens each panel view, tells you what to do, then points to the gauge or switch live in the cockpit.

    - Hotspots and click areas can be visually indicated on screen, helping you to find your way around the 2D and 3D panels.

    - Highly detailed exterior model, with animated stairways at front and rear, moving control surfaces, trim tabs and high lift devices.

    This ‘ultimate’ boxed edition contains printed Quick Start manual, TWO full colour poster-sized panel guides, comprehensive Operating Manuals on the disc for each aircraft type and over 20 airline liveries for you to fly!

    System Requirements
    Windows – Windows XP or Vista
    Processor – 2.8 GHz
    Video Card – 256 Mb
    Memory – 2 Gb RAM
    Hard Drive – 200 Mb
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