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Sword Girls Interview w/ Gameogre.com

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Oct 10, 2011.

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    Sword Girls by ChangYou and Zeonix is a unique online card game that focuses on card aesthetics, building decks and duelling. Can you tell us more about the story line of this game?

    The core of Sword Girls revolves around four factions; Vita, Academy, Crux and Darklore. These factions contain a variety of unique personalities who eventually cross paths. Throw in a mysterious metal named talentium, used to craft mystical swords that can only be welded by select females and these encounters quickly become very interesting.

    The story is actually interwoven with history of the Sword Girls world and its current state. The details will be revealed through the flavor text on cards and our official website. Every new episode comes with a new set of cards, so pay attention! The details of the storyline will reveal themselves soon enough............

    Read the Full Interview at: Sword Girls Interview w/ Gameogre.com | Free MMORPG Blog
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