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Tales of Fantasy Interview Answered by Gary Lin,Tales of Fantasy Product Manager

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Sep 15, 2010.

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    Gameogre had the chance to talk to Gary about Igg.com newest game Tales of Fantasy to go along with the Tales of Fantasy Pack Giveaway found here!

    Gameogre: For those who aren't familiar with Tales of Fantasy can you give us an overview about the game and what it is all about?

    Gary Lin: Tales of Fantasy (Tales of Fantasy - Enter the Age of Heroes Awaken the Warrior Within), the latest game in IGG’s growing stable of MMOs, features a massive 3D environment centered on inter-faction warfare and an immersive history and storyline. Players can choose to fight for one of two powerful nations locked in constant conflict while working to thwart an even greater threat to both sides.

    Elaborately crafted with Unreal Engine 3 and the latest in game development technologies, players will find themselves thoroughly immersed in a richly detailed game world while pitting themselves against scores of other players in real-time, epic combat.

    Gameogre: What is the Backstory for Tales of Fantasy?

    Gary Lin: The game has an immersive backstory. The land of Elterra is split mainly between 2 factions: Ashland and Bohren. Various conflicts in politics, culture, and trade practices have led to a long history of wars and struggles between these great nations. Players take one side or the other and react to the events that transpire. As they progress, players must make decisions, crafting their journey as they choose. Their characters will meet people from all walks of life, do battle against a myriad of deadly beasts, and uncover the secrets of the land of Elterra.

    Gameogre: Can you tell us about the characters in Tales of Fantasy, what Races and Classes will be available?

    Gary Lin: Yes, of course. There are two factions in Tales of Fantasy, Ashland (a tribal community located in the west) and Bohren (a civilization with its roots in the eastern culture). After choosing between these two factions, players will select a one of 2 starting classes from which they develop into more specialized classes as they advance. There are 4 class paths and 8 final classes available. Each of these is unique in fulfilling a certain role on a team. From a fearless warrior to a destructive mage, players can choose a class that suits their combat style best.

    Gameogre: How will PVP play into Tales of Fantasy?

    Gary Lin: PvP is one of our major highlights in the game. There are a great many ways for players to interact with and do battle against each other under a variety of scenarios. For example, the Arena focuses on gladiator style matches between players, or small groups of players. The Faction War allows for massive, free-for-all PKing against hordes of opposing players. Some of these PvP modes even earn players Honor points, which can be used to purchase all sorts of items in-game.


    Gameogre: Tales of Fantasy is Free to Play, will you also offer Micro-transactions? If so, what kind of items will be available for purchase?

    Gary Lin: Tales of Fantasy offers a close approximate to the popular Micro-transaction model found in most F2P games out there, like Maple Story and such,but the pricing model here is different. There are almost no vanity items on the shelf. Instead, materials, boosters and other things that really helps with improving your gameplay are found on the shelves, and for obvious reasons of balance in-game, these are not priced in a casual manner.

    Gameogre: Will there be mounts or other forms of transportation in Tales of Fantasy?

    Gary Lin: Mounts will be most popular transportation in the game. There are 25 different types of mounts available. From horses, lions, tigers, and leopards to mythical kirins, each provides a significantly different set of stat bonuses to their rider. The mounts players may choose depend on their faction. Only the tigers, leopards and horses are common to both factions. Bohren players can also choose kirins, while the Ashlanders get lions.
    More specially, the meticulously designed mounted combat system allowing players to fight while moving and change their mounts at any time


    Gameogre: I understand that Tales of Fantasy will be offering an unique feature in the form of Wings for player’s Characters, can you tell me more about those?

    Gary Lin: Right! Wings are one of our coolest features. After meeting the right requirements, players can actually get shiny, glimmering wings of their own that add a measure of elegance to their characters and provide attribute boosts. These wings also evolve to become more powerful as additional requirements are met.


    Gameogre: Will there be crafting or professions in Tales of Fantasy?

    Gary Lin: Yep, we do have a crafting system in the game! Players are at a complete liberty to specialize in making weaponry, armors, boosters, potions, and even food, as long as they have the appropriate number of the require materials, and have procured the according blueprint or recipe. Everyone can be a crafter in Tales of Fantasy – you don’t need a specific profession, as so to say.

    Gameogre: What does Tales of Fantasy offer in endgame and high level content?

    Gary Lin: The largest portion of Tales of Fantasy is definitely focused on the endgame. When players hit the level cap, they will start to uncover the true plot behind the story of the events in Elterra, discovering the true purpose of the Dimensional Gate. Story aside, high-level PvP options are also available.

    Gameogre: Is there any other special or unique features about Tales of Fantasy you would like for players to know?

    Gary Lin: Yes, Tales of Fantasy also offers an abundance of unique systems. Besides the features I mentioned above, there are challenging instances, exciting arena battles, a sworn brothers and sisters system for building special bonds of friendship and highly interactive, large scale and real-time inter-faction wars. All of these are promising challenges for even veteran RPG players.

    Thanks a lot for your interview.
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