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Talisman Online Love Story

Discussion in 'Mira Game' started by ogreman, Oct 10, 2012.

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    ogreman Ogre In Charge Staff Member GameOgre Admin

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    TO Started the Love and Made it Truth

    Talisman Love to Victory!

    This time, we are honored to invite one special guest to our interview.

    The TO fans, Maria and Jorge, have never known each other before. But TO gives them the love chance! They fall in love in Talisman Online world. Now they get married in real life!

    Here, we are delighted to have Maria in interview. Let’s share their TO love story to all TO fans!

    Q: First of all, please introduce you and your husband to all players J Where are you from?

    A: Hello everyone ^^… I'm Maria, I’m 26 years old and I'm Chilean, I used to live in Chile, and now I’m living in Canada with Jorge my husband. We had our civil wedding 2 months ago, and I have to say has been one of the happiest day of my life =)

    We play in Crouching Tiger, since server comes online, and we used to play in Big Fish, Soaring Phoenix and others... And well.. I meet Jorge Thanks Talisman Online :)

    Q: When did you and your husband start playing Talisman Online? How does TO change your life?

    A: We play this game long ago, about 3-4 years... and if you ask me if TO change my life. Yes TO do that because thanks this game I meet Jorge in Big Fish server...

    For some people this can sounds a little stupid, but the truth is with the time we follow in love ^^

    Q: Please introduce the main character of yours and your husband’s J The level? Class?

    A: I have two characters one is a fairy lvl 73 called "kyo", and my other is a tamer lvl 75 "SinKa", and my Husband character is a monk lvl 75 "Masma"... Both trying to do our best for be good players in the server.

    Q: How did you meet each other in Talisman Online? Is TO popular in your country?

    A: Every time when I remember how I meet Jorge, I laugh, because we used to be enemies... He was in a guild enemy... so You can imagine how fun was the PK wars and blood palace war against to him :D We were playing BigFish server at that time.

    I can’t say TO is popular in my country, but yes.. I know few Chilean people playing the game and some Canadians... I guess the game is more popular in Canada than Chile :D

    Q: Did you have any interesting or romantic stories in game? :D Has he sent Greet Card wishes to you in game? ^_^

    A: Some romantic story.. well when we were playing in BigFish we used to be enemies as I said, but with the time we started to be friends and have something special of course like friends only.... One day he diced to change server, but he didn’t tell me about it...

    When a close friend told me that, I didn’t know why? Why he didn’t tell me? So I decided to move too, but without tell him... my plan was to reach the max level to PK him !!! But ... was a fail >.< because with the time he knew it I was there... We keep our friendship... in Soaring Phoenix...

    And guess what!!!!!!! He disappeared for 1 month and he didn't tell me!!! So I was Mad really Mad... After 1 month he came back to play the game and I was doing plans for visiting my brother in other city... So I went off TO for 3 weeks or so...

    One day I diced to go online in MSN, there was a common friend of us, who tell Jorge I was online, then Jorge log in msn, and he said to me: I miss you... and in that moment I felt like OMG I miss you too so much!! And well... Here we are!! Since that moment we started to have our love story and make it truth :) Jorge made a trip to Chile, and then we diced that we have to be together and now we are married and living in Canada :)

    About Cards Wishes hehehe ye he used to send me, also I remember he made a character with the name: MariaMiAmor = MariaMyLove :p

    Q: Have you joined a guild? If so, please make a brief introduction about your guild?

    A: Yup, in Server CT, I joined MadaFakas Guild. There are a lot of nice people and good friend with who enjoy the PK war and do caves... MadaFakas Players and some friends are from : Argentina, Brazil, USA, India, Cambodia, Canada and other countries, so I can say is an International Guild :D Everyone is friendly and we love enjoy the PK part of the game and always doing our best for be good players in server :)

    Q: Welcome to say something to your in-game friends or real friends J

    A: Nothing is impossible!! You just have to do your best for get what you want... especially when you are in love...

    Never Give Up!! Keep trying hard... and always be yourself in real...

    Enjoy every moment with your family with your friends...
    "When you want something, all the universe conspires for you to make it real"

    "To find the treasure, you have to follow the signs"

    Paulo Coelho

    Q: Would you please say something to all TO fans? :D

    A: Keep playing the game cuz I’m pretty sure TO staff will bring us more fun in few months more :D

    Enjoy the life!!! Enjoy the free time!!! Enjoy The game !!! Play safe and Good Bless For everyone!!

    Thanks for your time! And best wishes to you!!
  2. MMOWiz

    MMOWiz Ogre Extraordinaire Ogre Veteran

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    Why do i feel so unloved?.....these stories never happen to me!
  3. Mordekaiser

    Mordekaiser Dealer of Death Ogre Veteran

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    Better Love story then twilight thats for sure

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