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Talisman Online Pandas & Kung Fu

Discussion in 'Mira Game' started by GameOgreVideos, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Kung Fu Panda is hot in theatres these days. This brave and cute panda has impressed a lot in the minds of panda fans. As a hot Chinese 3D Fantasy MMORPG, Talisman Online has brought us many popular and funny panda elements. Here we’d like to show some pandas in Talisman Online. If you like Kung Fu Panda, you cannot miss Talisman Online!

    TO Panda – NPC Map Teleporter

    In the core city Stone City square center, there is an attractive little panda, whose job is to help players to teleport to the map of the vast East Continent.

    Why you look at me?

    When he doesn’t need to work, he likes doing some martial arts to relax. His look and action reminds players of Kung Fu Panda, so he enjoys a reputation of “TO Martial Arts Pandaâ€. He has a very funny expression and action after his regular exercise. Want to know more? Go to Talisman Online!

    TO Panda – NPC Gem Dealer

    Not far from the “TO Martial Arts Panda’â€, you will see a distinctive panda with a pomelo peel on the head. This panda is Gem Dealer.

    You need refinery charm?

    His responsibility is to exchange the valuable Refinery Charm (Elite) to players. This charm is an important material in TO Gem Inlay system. So, if you want to make harvest in gem inlay part and strengthen your equipment’s abilities, you are recommended to see him often!

    TO Panda – NPC Wounded Panda

    In one serene village, there is a small Bamboo Forest. In this forest, you can easily find a sad panda, whose left arm is injured and is tied with bandage.

    I really need help T-T

    What has he suffered?! Can you help him out? If you can do his a favor, he will give you a big surprise!

    TO Panda – Pet Little Panda

    After taking a looking the NPCs Panda, now let’s move to a cuter guy – Little Panda Pet. Though he is a little baby, he can increase master’s HP upper limit. When he grows up, he can do more for his master. With this lovely panda to accompany you, you will not feel lonely any more!

    Hey! I am panda baby! I am so cute, right?

    It’s very easy to get this little panda! Just finish an easy quest when you reach level 11, you can be rewarded with this cute panda! And if you are smart enough, you must have already got the clue!
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