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Talisman Online Released New Patch

Discussion in 'Mira Game' started by GameOgreVideos, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Talisman Online Official Website: Talisman Online
    Talisman Online Forum: Mira Game Forum
    Mira Game Community: http://www.miragame.com/

    On June 27, Mira Game released Talisman Online new patch 1858. This update mainly aims at the extension of new storyline and equipments. In this patch, a new level-cap scenario Peacock River Sorrow Cave is released. With the birth of a new scenario, the long-anticipated level 60-70 Purple Suits come along together!

    New Purple Suits – level 60-70 Purple Equipments
    Currently in game, there are three sets of Purple Suits – two sets of level 50-60 PVP & PVE suits and one special level 40-50 suit opened from Breeze Chest.

    Now this update unveiled the long-anticipated new sets of level 60-70Purple Suits. One set of suits, recommended to be used in PVE, can be bought with the required Peacock River Sorrow Cave Reputation Points. Each single part requires different Reputation Points. Daily quests and one-off quests can offer players Peacock River Sorrow Cave Reputation Points.

    The other set, better to be used in PVP, can be bought with enough amounts of Bloodstain Chips. The Blood Chips can be looted from the BOSS both in Peacock River Sorrow Cave and another level 65 scenario Chill Wind Cave. The other way to get one part of the new purple is to exchange the PVE purple equipment of the same position and some Bloodstain Chips with NPC for a single part.

    New level 70 Scenario– Peacock River Sorrow Cave
    As the TO slogan goes “Teamwork to Survival, Talisman to Victoryâ€, teamwork and skill use are focused on this new-released Peacock River Sorrow Cave, apart from its purple suits challenging funs and excitements.

    Peacock River Sorrow Cave, located in the southwest of Barbarian Mountain (in vast East Continent), is not far from another level 65 scenario Chill Wind Cave.
    As it mentioned above, besides the purple suits pursuit, another attraction in this cave likes in the “Smart Challengeâ€. The monsters in this scenario are much more flexible and have higher AI (artificial intelligence), which makes the cave of great challenges and funs. To conquer the Peacock River Cave, players should especially focus on excellent teamwork and expert skills!

    The open of this cave also bring us a new storyline, who is the new controller of the Asura? What happened on the East Continent and the Cloud Island Palace? Let’s enter the game and unveil the mysteries!
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