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Tank Trouble

Discussion in 'Browser Games' started by Heromanguy12, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Heromanguy12

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    Tank Trouble is a PvP tank game that works in your web browser (it runs on Adobe Flasher Player) where you fight with tanks and try to destroy your opponents with your tank. There is also other weapons to use like laser gun, frag bomb, death ray and etc. You can pick them up while playing if there are allowed to spawn. Battles take place in mazes that are random each time and there is an option to play in user created mazes too!

    You can create an account to track your victories and kills and you can unlock different cosmetics/ accessories for your tank in game and your tank avatar. There is apparently Beta going on for online play as well right now. You can also buy accessorizes with premium currency to support development of Tank Trouble Online too if you are generous enough.

    So have you played Tank Trouble before? I used to play it years ago with my buddies and it was fun.

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