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Territory War's

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by Aaddron, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. Aaddron

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    Perfect World International is broken up into 44 different states, or territories that can be captured by guilds.

    The 44 territories are broken up into three tiers. A majority of the territories are Tier 3 territories, only a handful of states are Tier 2 territories, and only two states are Tier 1 territories.

    What do the tiers mean?

    Declaring War:
    The tiers represent the significance of the territory, the amount of gold required to declare war, and most importantly, determines the order in which your guild must conquer them.

    In order to declare war on a territory, there are certain requirements that must be met by your guild.
    Rules for Declaring War:
    1. Your guild can only attack one territory per week.
    2. If your guild currently does not own any territories, then you can only declare war on Tier 3 territories.
    3. If your guild already owns territories, then you can only declare war on territories that are adjacent to your existing territories.
    4. In order to declare war on a Tier 2 territory, you must already own at least two Tier 3 territories and at least one of your territories must be directly adjacent to it.
    5. In order to declare war on a Tier 1 territory, you must already own at least three territories and at least one of your territories must be directly adjacent to it.
    6. If your guild already owns a Tier 1 territory, you are not allowed to declare war upon another Tier 1 territory.
    (Territories which are colored grey indicate that your guild does not meet the war declaration requirements for that given territory.)

    Upon deciding which territory your guild has set it's eyes on, you must then bid for the right to fight for said territory. Speak with your local Battle Coordinator between Wednesday 7:00pm and Thursday 7:00pm (Pacific Time) to place a bid.

    If your guild wins the Territory War, then your guild leader will receive 90% of the bid back. If your guild loses the Territory War, then your bid will be lost.

    Regardless of whether or not a territory is already owned, a minimum bid must be placed. This minimum bid is different for each tier:

    Tier 3 Territory - 500,000 coins
    Tier 2 Territory - 1,000,000 coins
    Tier 1 Territory - 2,000,000 coins

    Whichever guild has risked the most coins and bid the highest, will participate in the Territory War.

    The Battle:
    Territory wars are exciting and competitive, regardless of whether you're battling another guild for ownership of a territory, or even battling NPCs for a neutral territory. The following rules apply to all Territory Wars:
    1. Chi is set to zero once a user enters the battleground.
    2. The embrace function is disabled while in the battleground.
    3. You can jump, however flying and flying mounts are unavailable in battlegrounds.
    4. There is no experience penalty from being killed by monsters in a Neutral Territory War.
    5. Anyone who quits or leaves their guild will be instantly ejected from the battleground.
    6. In order to participate in your guild's Territory War, you must be a member of your guild for at least 100 hours prior to the war.
    - Neutral Territory If you are fighting for a neutral territory (a territory that is not yet owned by a guild) then the war itself is really quite simple. Kill all the monsters in the zone before the timer runs out.
    - Foreign Territory If your guild is attacking a territory that is already owned by another guild, then a true battle takes place.
    Two guilds are situated on map on opposite corners. Each guild has a base that can be destroyed. There are multiple routes between both bases.

    The attacking guild can build catapults and the defending guild can build different types of towers.

    The Territory War is over once one guild's base has been destroyed, or time has run out.

    Friday: 8:00pm-11:00pm
    Saturday: 9:00am-12:00pm
    Sunday: 9:00am-12:00pm

    This information was found at: Perfect World International
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