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The infinite black

Discussion in 'Lists and Directory' started by akshaj, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. akshaj

    akshaj Elite Ogre The Pit

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    The Infinite Black is an online game (MMO) that requires an active network connection to play. You will join a vast universe populated by thousands of other players just like you, each with their own agendas, reputations, and achievements!
    Perks are available using in-game currency called BlackDollars. These are found on creatures, rewarded for missions, level milestones, and may also be purchased using Android Market's in-app billing system -- touch the coin button in the bottom left of the main game screen for details.
    IMPORTANT: This game is currently in EARLY BETA! Although it is very polished, all mechanics are subject to change at any time! We work full-time to produce constant updates and improvements, but players should expect an evolving beta environment. You may also experience bugs, lag, and downtime.

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