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The Losing Win

Discussion in 'Smite' started by LosmiK, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. LosmiK

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    The Losing Win


    You log into SMITE wanting to queue for some good, old-fashioned gaming when instead things don’t turn out the way you plan. It starts with one loss possibly due to poor communication with your team, then the next, you are at the defeat screen lobby of your sixth straight loss wondering where did things go wrong? I have created this guide to give you tricks and tips to help you when you end up in a losing streak.

    Pep Talk or Re-Encouragement

    It can be hard to have fun and enjoy yourself when you are losing game after game. To help boost your spirit, you should try to build yourself back up; give yourself something to look back up to. This can be done just by taking a few short seconds to tell yourself that you can do this and that it’s not impossible to win. Look back and reflect on times where you did win games and re-ignite your former glory.

    Fix Your Gameplay/Learn Playstyles

    In games, most players have a set style of play that determines how they will perform throughout the course of the match. This playstyle can grow and evolve into something better over time, but for some, that isn’t the case. If a player, such as yourself, has a weakened playstyle, it can lead to losing streaks. For these situations, you should figure out what you may be doing wrong. Look at past stats on lost matches, recommended builds on community websites, or even watch professional SMITE players play on Twitch or Youtube. From the information that you gather, it can help you perform better and win games.


    Find Others

    If you are one of the many players in a losing streak and are solo queueing, looking for others to play with you can drastically improve your chances of winning a game. Due to matchmaking in SMITE, it is more than likely that you will be faced against people in groups. They can be difficult to face and can further promote lost games due to the possible advantages that they could have over you and your team. Advantages like using Curse Voice chat or clear understanding of their teammates play styles. You can gather your friends or go to /r/SmiteLFM to find people who are looking to play games with you. Remember that even though you are in a group, you have to make sure you and your team can play as one to get the win!

    Relax/Take a Break

    You can always take a break from the game to relax and clear your head from whatever that may be blocking your performance. Play another non-competitive game or listen to some music to chill you out. Video games are meant to be enjoyed and it can be hard to have fun with a game when the game itself is stressing you out.


    You have to come to terms and understand that you are not the perfect SMITE player, no one is, and that everyone loses. There are two sides to every game and someone has to go home without the gold. Learn from your losses, get stronger, don’t take things too seriously, and always try to VVGF (Have Fun!).

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