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The Ranch Out of Time Prerelease

Discussion in 'RuneScape' started by Aaddron, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. Aaddron

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    Hello, dearies! This week our update is The Ranch Out of Time Pre-Release, where you’ll get the chance to stock up on some dino eggs before Farming 120 goes live. Plus, the new merch lines from RuneFest have just arrived in the Official Merch Store.

    Ranch Out of Time Egg Collecting

    Starting this week, you’ll be able to start preparing for The Ranch Out of Time by collecting a few reptile eggs ahead of time.

    You’ll collect eggs the same way you collect regular baby animals – by hunting down and dispatching their parents. Aww. While taking part in relevant activities on The Land Out of Time like Big Game Hunter, Slayer, and Jadinko Hunting, there’s a chance that you’ll walk away with a scaly new friend.

    Obviously it would be heinously irresponsible to hatch these eggs without the proper safety measures in place – wasn’t there a movie about that? – so you won’t be able to check the eggs, trade them, or watch the cute critters inside them grow into ravenous beasts until the release of The Ranch Out of Time in November.

    Until then, happy collecting!

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