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The Reaping: Part II

Discussion in 'Smite' started by LosmiK, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. LosmiK

    LosmiK Mr. LosmiK Ogre Veteran

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    You thought you were safe. You thought you had won. You thought you had finally put an end to this nightmare. But you thought wrong…


    On Friday, October 30th to Sunday, November 1st, stand up against the God of Death one last time during The Reaping: Part II. Earn Double XP & Worshipers and those courageous enough will earn 20 Gems for each First Win of the Day. That means, you could earn up to 160 Gems per day, and a total of 480 Gems over the course of the weekend.

    Unlock a free chest roll by winning 3 First Wins of the Day, per day. On Friday and Sunday, unlock an Odyssey Chest roll and on Saturday, unlock a Halloween Chest roll.

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