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Trading WOT gold for steam trading cards.

Discussion in 'Steam Game Auctions' started by Kimijee, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Kimijee

    Kimijee Big Brute The Pit

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    I can offer you a game code for the world of tanks worth 500(620) gold for the following cards from the steam community market. 500gold is purchased via mobile phone and it costs 5 Euros. the following cards i need cost all equal 2 euro. Reason i wanna trade need steam badges and dont have CC atm.

    CS:GO SWAT costs 0.05e
    CS:GO IDF costs 0.05e
    Dota 2 Bounty hunter costs 0.07e all each.
    Dota 2 Tiny
    Dota 2 Razor
    Dota 2 Riki
    Dota 2 Phantom lancer
    Dota 2 Tidehunter
    Dota 2 Tusk
    Dota 2 vengeful spirit
    Skyrim Azura
    Skyrim Mehrunes Dragon
    Skyrim Daedric warrior
    Skyrim Talos
    Skyrim Draughr Deathlord
    Skyrim troll
    Skyrim Wispmother

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