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Us south shut down

Discussion in 'Cross Fire' started by Thedarkboy, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Thedarkboy

    Thedarkboy Anime Geek Ogre Veteran

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    Attention Mercenaries,

    The Miami Server has been shut down. At this time we have no plans to bring the server back.

    Please note that after the US South Servers are down, the Server Selection window will display the wrong servers as having 5% Bonus GP. The current Servers which have 5% Bonus GP are:

    UK Server 4
    Delta Server

    The average activity level of the Miami Server is an incredibly small fraction of the daily population of the game. Most of the people that used this server will be able to get a similar latency by connecting to either the US West or the Regular CF Servers.

    We will be monitoring the impact of this change on all levels, it is our goal to increase the capacity of the servers in concentrated areas rather than these fringe servers that don't serve any significant population of people. As always we'll be watching for your feedback and looking at the raw game data to determine the best possible course of action moving forward!

    Thanks for your understanding.

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