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v.112 Pirate Glitches/Bugs

Discussion in 'Maple Story' started by KuroTsuna, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. KuroTsuna

    KuroTsuna Looooong Goooone

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    Note: This thread is to inform those of the glitches that were introduced in this patch primarily for Adventurer Pirates
    ex. (Pirate, Brawler -> Buccaneer/ Gunslinger -> Corsair)
    *Other fellow Pirates (Thunder Breakers, Cannoneers, Jett, Mechanics) are welcome to discuss their glitches (if any) as well.

    Try to keep repeats to a minimum. Please share issues that aren't on this list already.

    Pirate glitches
    -There is an SP issue reported by people that conflicts with job advancements. *(Fixed)*
    -Dash makes your character slide when stopping.
    -Post revamp skillbooks are obtainable
    -Skillbooks do not work (not sure if Maple Warrior is experiencing this problem for us as well)
    -SP cannot be added or distributed properly *(Fixed)*
    -Some skill names have been changed to those that the Jett class has
    -Some skills have changed sound effects to those of revamped skills
    -The quest to take Samuel's quiz for the Class mounts is available (Corsairs can only obtain it, sorry Buccaneers)
    -Maple Warrior retains its old animation
    -Pirate's Revenge has a typo stating it gives 0% damage at max
    -UA Pirates report Sharkwave is weaker for no apparent reason (This also applies to people who did the questline on Regular Adventurers)
    -Pre-revamp Summersault Kick gives i-frames for the duration (Note for Buccaneers, it will not work if you are Transformed)
    -Flash Fist skill no longer works with a gun equipped (remove the gun to use the skill)
    -Bullet Time's passive effects are not present
    -The quest for Crocell's helmet is not offered (this applies to every Pirate as far as I am aware of)

    Buccaneer glitches
    -Energy Charge's bar is red but functions as the current one
    -Energy Charge is slower on Bosses (and mobs) than before
    -Sometimes your chat bar will be spammed with "Unavailable while transforming"

    Corsair glitches
    -Corsairs can access the quiz and complete it
    -If you take Samuel's quiz and obtain the new Battleship mount, many skills have a large decrease in delay, which can disconnect the user if used repeatedly
    -If you hang on a ladder and use the Battleship mount from Samuel's quiz, it doesn't stay on but the buff icon still appears. You'll be walking with 170% speed and still be able to use your mount skills w/ normal delays.
    -Grenade toss is spammable. If spammed long enough, the MP cost will be 0 during the duration of the spam.
    -Outlaws/Corsairs can only have one Octopus summoned at a time
    -Bullseye is glitched and does not function properly
    -Wings will DC you when gliding
    -Buffs cannot be used on the Battleship

    Thunder Breaker glitches
    -Dash does not activate
    -Corkscrew Blow no longer charges and the delay is gone
    -Quick Motion when maxed does not give any speed or jump
    -The bar for Energy Charge is Red yet functions like the current one; Charges slower on bosses and mobs as well
    -Spark is glitched and does not function at all
    -Transformation can crash the game
    -Thunder Breakers receive "Octopunch" instead of Barrage when doing the quest from Hawkeye, and the skill does not work at all
    -Energy Blast's delay has been increased to post-revamp delay but does not have multiple hits

    Mechanic glitches
    -Booster is broken, meaning when you click on the skill, it does not activate. It doesn't work when using it as a key or just pressing it from the skill tab. Normally, when you are unmounted, pressing the booster key (Mechanic Rage) will first mount you, and then buff you with the booster. However, now it DOES mount you, but booster does not activate. The animation does not appear, and no buff appears on the upper right hand corner. *(Fixed)*
    -Siege: Still the problem of when going into siege mode sometimes, it just attacks regularly (without siege). Then, you have to de-mount and re-mount into tank mode to try again. Note: this only happens in tank mode.
    -Satellite Safety doesn't activate as often as supposed to.

    Cannoneer glitches
    -The link skill cannot be transferred to other characters

    Jett glitches
    -Core fragments do not re-equip if you equip anything that is not a gun. (Switching back to gun will not re-equip it)
    -When a Jett uses the Mystery Special Mastery book in the Renegades shop, the only book obtainable from the selection menu is Battleship Nautilus.
    - Jett's special mastery book 100% from event (Eight-Leg Easton) doesn't work at all on suborbital skill in 4th.
    -Booster automatically disappears if you change channels
    -When using Gamma Missile, if you change direction before the missile detonates, the explosion damage will be inflicted in the direction the user is facing, regardless of the explosion's animation
    -Jett cannot use mount skill (Level 70 mount from quest)
    -Jett cannot use the soaring skill for mounts.
    -Rapid Fire's animation is 'glitched' (When starting up the animation, the robotic ring is behind the character instead of in front as it's supposed to be)
    -Jett's Rapid Fire animation is client sided; to other players the bullets show up as Hurricane arrows.
    -If your inventory is full, upon advancing to any job advancement, you won't receive the Gun.

    Important note for ranged classes: As of right now, Ranged classes are experiencing a glitch in which the enemy dies before the projectiles hit them (ex. Stars, arrows, bullets, etc.). This animation error applies to just about every ranged class (Particularly Corsairs, Mechanics, Cannoneers, and Jetts).

    If you have anymore finds than the ones listed so far, please comment below.

    1- Stick to the topic please.

    2-Big thank you to all the contributors to this thread.

    3- Great news: A GM took notice to some of the problems listed on here.

    4- Still no word of us being fixed yet. Hang in there.

    5- Revised the thread a bit, minor cleanups. Will usually ninja a few fixes and confirmations.

    6- Another unscheduled SC, and this one yet again failed to address or fix our errors... -sigh-

    7- Apparently Nexon has planned an SC that will hopefully address many of the errors. Thanks for sharing.

    8-SP glitch confirmed to be fixed! (Along with Mechanic and Jett fixes) Please note that this does not mean all the glitches are fixed yet
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