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Vision Engine adds even more support for networked games with included RakNet 4.0 SDK

Discussion in 'Online Game Development' started by GameOgreVideos, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Trinigy, an industry leading 3D game engine provider with over 150 licensees and offices in Germany, Austin, TX and Seoul, Korea, announced today that it will include the cross-platform networking engine RakNet 4.0 in its Vision Engine free of charge.

    In addition, Trinigy and the RakNet team at Jenkins Software have co-developed a feature-rich integration, which will enable game developers to more efficiently implement advanced networking functionality in any type of game, on any platform, for free. Trinigy recently announced a similar technology integration with FMOD.

    Starting in early 2011, the RakNet SDK will be included with the Vision Engine’s SDK, providing developers with “out-of-the-box†access to the cross-platform networking engine. In addition, Trinigy and Jenkins worked together to integrate many of RakNet’s robust and secure networking features directly into the Vision Engine’s WYSIWYG scene editor, vForge. The inclusion of RakNet’s SDK will give developers the freedom to modify or extend the integration to meet specific development needs. Developers will also be free to implement their own networking solution, or use one of the Vision Engine’s other networking integrations.

    “These days, more and more games are including advanced networking features,†said Felix Roeken, general manager at Trinigy. “With Jenkins Software, we have designed a solution that gives developers free access to RakNet’s extensive feature set without locking them into a closed, one-size-fits-all solution.â€

    “Trinigy really took the time to create an extensible integration for their diverse customer base,†said Kevin Jenkins, CEO of Jenkins Software LLC. “There are no limits to what developers can do with this integration. I really look forward to seeing the fruits of our joint development appear in games."

    The RakNet integration will be completed in the early part of 2011 and will be on display at GDC 2011 (Booth 1810) in San Francisco. For more information on the Vision Engine, visit Front Page - Trinigy | Creators of the Vision Game Engine
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