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War of Angels interview w/ Florian Supa, Product Manager for War of Angels

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Sep 17, 2010.

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    Gameogre had the chance to talk with Florian Supa, the Product Manager for War of Angels, the newest upcoming game from Gamigo. Make sure you get your Closed Beta for War of Angels: http://www.gameogre.com/forums/cont...8374-war-angels-closed-beta-key-giveaway.html

    Gameogre: For those of us who don’t know anything about War of Angels, can you tell us a little about the game and its backstory?

    Florian Supa: War of Angels is a classic MMORPG in an appealing style of graphics similar to those in Asian animation films. A lot of changes have been made to the game since gamigo acquired the rights to it. The graphics of the game have had a complete overhaul to better suit European players' tastes and there are loads of new quests, a system of good and evil, and guild warfare. In our opinion, building guild towns and flying are two of the game's most important features.

    Gameogre: Can you tell us a little about characters and classes in War of Angels?

    Florian Supa: Players can choose between four classes in the beginning of War of Angels. First there is the fighter, sometimes known as the tank. Rogues sneak around with daggers and can deal a lot of damage. There are also rangers and mages. Rangers can use bow and arrow or a rifle in battle. Mages can use mighty spells to deal damage, such as by summoning balls of fire, and also possess healing powers.

    These four classes can be specialized starting at Level 20. But we're not going to give too much away about that right now.

    Gameogre: Will there be professions or crafting in War of Angels?

    Florian Supa: Crafting plays a huge role in this game. Players can create weapons, armor and potions, among other things, and can also sell these items. Of course they need raw materials such as ore and herbs to do so, which will need to be gathered first.

    Gameogre: Can you tell us a bit about the fighting system in War of Angels?

    Florian Supa: War of Angels has a fighting system like the kind we all know and love from other online role-playing games. The player selects a target and attacks it using different skills and spells. Skills are not learned automatically each time the character level up, though, but are found as loot from monsters. Naturally we also expect there to be quite a bit of trading going on for different skill books.

    Gameogre: How big of a role will PvP play in War of Angels?

    Florian Supa: PvP plays a huge role, especially for guilds, because the highest goal a guild can reach is conquering the guild town. Whoever controls the guild town can construct buildings, hire NPC merchants and collect taxes. Naturally every guild wants to rule the guild town, which is why continual battle is to be expected. There are a few rules, though, that prevent the ruling guild from having to defend the town all the time.

    There is also a system of good and evil for high-level characters. Players have to choose a side and then fight against one another.

    Gameogre: What makes War of Angels unique from other MMORPGs?

    Florian Supa: War of Angels offers great freedom of movement to players. Early on, players can acquire wings that allow them to fly. They can also explore the depths of the ocean. There is a time limit on flying on one's own, but players can also acquire pets in War of Angels. On the back of a Pegasus, players can gallop through the air for as long as they want; on the back of a turtle they can stay underwater for long periods of time. They do have to dismount to fight, though.

    Before a pet can be used as a mount, though, players will need to level them up from a tiny baby to a full-grown animal.

    Gameogre: I understand there will be an item shop in War of Angels. What kinds of items can players expect to find in the item shop?

    Florian Supa: Players can find items such as experience boosters and special clothing for their characters in the item shop. They will also be able to change their character's appearance (hairstyle, skin tone, etc.) using items available in the item shop.

    Gameogre: I know the closed beta for War of Angels is coming soon. What would you recommend that players definitely try out in the game during the closed beta?

    Florian Supa: Guild warfare, flying, and the dungeons. We've got some pretty cool dungeons that are really tough, even for groups. They're full of traps, riddle, dangerous boss monsters, and more - plus there's a time limit. Loads of fun. By the way: European closed beta testing is set to start on September 20.
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