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Werewolf - The last warrior

Discussion in 'Classic Games' started by Arthas, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Arthas

    Arthas MMORPGer New Ogre

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    I dare you to try and pass this stuff, it's an old retro game from 90's called Werewolf - The last warrior on old Nintendo (NES), hard as hell itself. I managed to solve it after a ten years (when i was younger i have tried couple of times and gave up, it was too damn hard) but i managed to pass it yesterday. You play as man who can turn himself into a powerful being - Werewolf, and of course you have to ''save the world'' from an evil man called Faryan, since you'r the only one who can save it..
    Here is the link for a complete walkthrough but don't this video fool you cause here it looks pretty easy, the man is a pro master Werewolf:
    You can play it on smartphone with NES Emulator, i have a couple of them and you can download it from Google play, here is the link for emulator that i used:
    Its totally free don worry :D
    And here is a link for the game itself:
    You just install emulator and download the game so you can play it (its like a music player and the games are songs - that simple)
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