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What would be Minecraft's next boss mob?

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Heromanguy12, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Heromanguy12

    Heromanguy12 Ogre Hall of Fame Royal Ogre

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    Vanilla Minecraft has 2 bosses: Wither and Ender Dragon. If there were to be a new boss mob added to Minecraft, what would it be? What is its name, what kind of attacks would it have, how much health and armor would it have and what does it drop when you defeat it? Share your ideas in this thread.
  2. I consider the Ender Dragon to be the true boss of the game. The Wither is more like an optional mini boss that you can build, sort of like how you build a golem, and there's not much strategy to killing the Wither compared to the Ender Dragon where the environment (towers) are the obstacle. You could build the Wither in a small cave and defeat it as quickly as possible before it blows up a lot of blocks, and the whole point of the Wither was to provide the nether star for beacons.

    Personally, I don't think there's going to be a "next boss mob" in the game. The Ender Dragon was really the mob that was meant to be the boss, because the End was the end objective of the game. The likely possibility I could see is that there could be mobs that aren't exactly bosses, but more like very strong guards that would protect places like temples and pyramids... maybe something like a jaguar protecting a jungle temple. There are already mobs like that in places like ocean monuments, but not so much on land.
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  3. Metaqrion

    Metaqrion Elite Ogre The Pit

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    It would be awesome to see that place protector mobs. In addition to that, I still think they can add 'mini-bosses' just like The Wither boss.
  4. It would have to be something different though, not just a flying mob that destroys blocks. Especially if it relates to a biome or some location, that itself would give a good reason to have a new mini-boss. I think any land-type mob could easily be cheesed because you could just build a tower, but reasonably, I think an ocean mini-boss makes the most sense because it's pretty difficult to do battles underwater.
  5. Mseehr

    Mseehr Spiked Club New Ogre

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    I want more powerful but tameable bosses. It can ride or fly for example
  6. You can probably already do that with command blocks, to some extent. Not sure if you can control the dragon though, but probably not.

    For example, just type the command: /summon Minecart ~ ~1 ~ {Riding:{id:"EnderDragon"}}

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