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What’s Hot – Poison’s Box

Discussion in 'Perfect World' started by Supernatural, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. Supernatural

    Supernatural LiveStreamer Ogre Veteran

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    One of our most popular items in the Shop has been Poison’s Box, but it’s also been one our most mysterious items. Poison’s box is a random box that spits out items; you never know what you might get. Even though the box dispenses random, you can set yourself up for victory if you know what types of items it gives out. Let’s take a look at what you might find if you purchase this item.

    Powerful AP Recovery Potion x5 – Restore 30% of your character's HP

    Powerful HP Recovery Potion x30 – Lucky players may get 30 HP recovery potions

    Powerful MP Recovery Potion x30 – Restore 30% of your character's MP

    Colorful Gem Box x3 – Get a random colored gem (yellow, red, blue, or green)

    World Megaphone x5 – Make your voice heard by sending a message to all channels

    World Megaphone x10 – Get 10 Megaphones with this possibility

    Retrieve Personal Warehouse x10 – Give yourself the flexibility of grabbing items from your personal warehouse anywhere without having to physically go back.

    Retrieve Personal Warehouse x50 – You may get lucky and get an additional 40 of these, but it may not be easy

    Expand Personal Warehouse x15 – Tired of 6 storage slots? Expand your warehouse and give yourself more storage

    Full Equipment Repair Kit - This new item will help you repair items in your inventory instantaneously without visiting the town

    Full Equipment Repair Kit x3 – Get lucky and you might receive 3 Full Equipment Repair Kit

    +5 Weapon Enchant Pack – Automatically enchant and upgrade a weapon to +5

    In Use Equipment Repair Kit – Repair all items that are currently equipped, don’t waste time by un-equipping, just consume and continue the fight.

    Full-Strength Adhesive- Fearful of possibly losing item options if enchanting/upgrading fails? Use a Full-Strength Adhesive to protect your items. Items will only be downgraded one level if upgrading fails.

    Paper Box Package – Get paper boxes and tape by utilizing this package

    Frantz Shark Costume

    Angela Octopus Costume

    Tude Carp Costume

    Unlimited Animal Costumes. Dismantling these Animal Costumes will yield materials that are used in crafting unique equipment.

    For instances where the costume does not fit the character and are left only to dismantle (3/4 times), Sea Creature Weapons (that's right: Frantz' Sword would be a scabbard fish) will be given instead.

    Now you’re set with the knowledge, it’s your turn to use that to your advantage. Will you purchase a Poison’s Box? The odds are in your favor, but you have to buy it to know try your luck.
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