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What's Cool for Valentines!!?!

Discussion in 'MMO Requests' started by yesty456, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. yesty456

    yesty456 DA BIG CLUB The Pit

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    Any MMORPG that you can recommend to me? my PC specs cannot handle games like Tera or GW2 so please dont recommend those to me. Been playing some games that doesnt require that high specs like Cabal Online, Knight Online and 9Dragons. I'm not a really hardcore gamer so I'm not really picky so feel free to recommend games as much as you can and I'll be checking on them.

    Anyways while waiting for those, I'm kinda thinking of some Storyline for my entry to Cabal's Valentines day comic strip event. Can anyone help me on that too?
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