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Which do you prefer? Originals or remakes?

Discussion in 'RPG' started by Heromanguy12, May 7, 2020.

Originals or remakes?

  1. Originals of course!

    1 vote(s)
  2. Remakes obviously!

    0 vote(s)
  1. Heromanguy12

    Heromanguy12 Ogre Hall of Fame Royal Ogre

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    There are many RPGs out there and some of them have been remade. Do you prefer originals or remakes and why do you prefer them?
  2. Metaqrion

    Metaqrion Elite Ogre The Pit

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    Original ones. I like to feel nostalgia. Also, some of the companies just corrupt their game under the name of 'remake'.
  3. Snowy

    Snowy Ogre Hall of Fame Royal Ogre
    1. Minecraft Community

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    It really depends on the game and what the "remake" adds, removes, improves on, etc.

    On the topic of RPGs, a great example I could think of is the Pokémon series: I find FireRed/LeafGreen to be better than the originals (Red/Blue) [because FR/LG has better graphics] and also better that the Let's Go remakes [because FR/LG has more post-game]. I find HeartGold/SoulSilver to be better than Gold/Silver [because HG/SS has better graphics plus features that weren't in the original]. I find Ruby/Sapphire to be better than OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire [because I prefer the 2D GBA graphics more than the 3DS graphics].

    I don't think there's really an argument to be made of whether original games are better/worse than remakes without acknowledging the specific game itself, because the game is what determines what you prefer.

    And there's usually always the argument that remakes exist to just capitalize on fans of older games (e.g. paying $60 for a remake, when you can find the original game for $5 at a store that sells old games), or some other specific reason, but I think remakes can create an enjoyable experience (depending on how it's done), even to newcomers of a series. And sometimes there are newer consoles that aren't compatible with older games, so companies remake games as a solution. Or maybe there's a large fanbase that want to re-experience older games on a newer device, but in a modern way. In other cases, remakes could be the original vision that game developers had, but could not fulfill due to hardware limitations (think of 8-bit games, 16-bit games, etc.). There are a lot of reasons, and I don't think any individual could really pinpoint one exact reason for the existence of remakes.

    In contrast, some publishers do re-release original games rather than release remakes. Nintendo does it with the virtual console for consoles like the Wii U and the 3DS, or with the Nintendo Switch Online service. Some people do make arguments like the price of re-released games cost too much (for what the game's worth to them today), or argue that re-released games lack options for modern devices (e.g. the ability to change the resolution to fill the whole TV screen; this usually results in people modding their console and voiding their warranty just to allow more options). Some people even argue that the publisher's library doesn't have enough original games (this is a common complaint from people who use Nintendo Switch online). But to other people, they might actually enjoy the experience of playing an old game in their modern comfort (so rather than playing the original game on a CTR TV on a wooden chair, they have the opportunity to experience playing the original game on a fullscreen TV on a gaming chair and get an entirely different ambience).

    So personally, I think it's possible to enjoy both originals and remakes. On a general perspective, I don't think there's really an argument that one is better than the other. But in a specific perspective (on the game itself), I think you could debate features you enjoy and features you don't enjoy of both originals and remakes.

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