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Wild Weekends: Double Runespan Points

Discussion in 'RuneScape' started by Drama, May 10, 2012.

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  1. Drama

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    Don’t miss out on the next instalment of our four Wild Weekends in May! For this weekend only, you can get double points in the Runespan. Over the whole weekend you’ll receive double points in the Runespan for any successful siphon. These can be spent on some great rewards in Wizard Finix’s shop, including wicked robes to go with your hood, some new staves, and an even bigger essence pouch! If you’ve yet to try the Runespan, here’s yet another reason to take your training to a new plane of existence.

    This offer runs from Saturday the 12th, up to and including Monday the 14th in its entirety (GMT).

    Don’t forget: as a member, you’ll get 3 spins instead of 2 every day that you login during Mad May, so you’ll have even more chances to win big. Subscribe now so you can get your extra spins!

    The RuneScape Team
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