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Wild Weekends: Monkey Mania

Discussion in 'RuneScape' started by Drama, May 24, 2012.

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  1. Drama

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    In our final Wild Weekend of May, monkeys are running wild throughout RuneScape. Hunt them down for your exclusive monkey cape! There will also be an invasion of zombie monkeys, so join the Community Team in defeating them for extra spoils!

    The final Wild Weekend will run from Saturday the 26th up to and including Monday the 28th (GMT) in their entirety.

    Chase the Monkey!

    The monkeys of Ardougne Zoo have been curiously observing the penguins and their spying antics. From Saturday to Monday inclusively, if you manage to hunt down 10 monkey escapees who are running wild throughout RuneScape, you’ll be able to claim an exclusive monkey cape!

    If you’ve found all 10 monkeys, head over to Diango in Draynor Market to claim your prize!

    Zombie Monkey Invasion!

    The Community Team will be frequently spawning an invasion of zombie monkeys throughout the weekend. If you manage to kill at least 5 on a given day, you’ll receive an XP lamp for your efforts in fighting back the zombie masses. This is repeatable from Saturday to Monday inclusive, so you can receive up to 3 XP lamps in total.

    For more information on when and where the Zombies will spawn, check out the following forum post.

    Mad May

    Don’t forget that, as a member, you’ll get 3 spins every day that you log in during May - as part of the Mad May offer - so you’ll have even more chances to win fantastic prizes! Subscribe now to get your extra spins!
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