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Wing Chun Pak Sung Bo® Legends

Discussion in 'Indie Games' started by PocketRogues, Aug 28, 2021.

  1. PocketRogues

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    Wing Chun Pak Sung Bo® Legends
    is a Fighting Beat ’em up Style with a touch of a Brawler and Survival Game where you try to defeat Dr.Chaos and Colonel Mason.

    The Fighting Base is build on many Mix Martial Arts Style like Wing Chun etc. and Pak Sung Bo mix in an MMA , where you can Attack any Enemy from any Direction.

    Learn to Overcoming an Attack and be the faster one .

    The Opponents never sleep and try to attack you from every direction.

    This is another kind of a Fighting Game it is build more to survive and the Rage combinations as well is be always your Friend in tight Situations.

    Never let yourself Surrounding by Enemies.

    As well some traps and surprises waiting for you and some mini Games ,too.


    choose A Class Psb

    funny and Tactical Game

    rage Combo Smash Action

    ragdoll random Physics Action

    full 3d Combat

    last Man standing System

    many Multiple Opponents

    open Cross Combo Fighting System 4x4

    full Controller Support





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