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WIP: 3D RTS space game

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games' started by yildiz-online, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. yildiz-online

    yildiz-online Ogre Newling

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    WIP: 3D RTS space game (Alpha version)

    Hello everybody!

    I would like to present our WIP: Yildiz-Online

    Yildiz Online is a massively multiplayer strategy game(MMORTS). It's a combination of classical startegy game(like: Homeworld) and management game(like: Ogame).

    The game takes place in outer space colonized by humans, a lost expedition found an abandonned space bases built by unknown civilization. After some centuries they developped and colonized the entire system. The game is entirely in 3 dimensions. Its goal is to devolpoe and assure the management of its base and also to create its army with which players can attack other databases to steal their resources.

    Yildiz Online is a mobile game which can be played on windows and linux platform.

    About Yildiz Online:

    The game is pretty well advanced. The engine works great and the different components are fully integrated as well.
    Now it is possible to gain resources and to build the base with some buildings.Also it is possible to create units and make them
    fight and attack a player to steal resources.

    Objectives of Yildiz Online.

    Yildiz Online is destined to become a commercial project. The economic model will be free to play with bonus pay.
    A future version will witness the appearance of colonization of the planets in order to give an extra dimension to the game and to enrich more the gameplay.

    Currently, the game suggests two languages which are available: French and English.

    The project's origins.

    Yildiz combines two different styles of games. It offers an innovative experience and offers a community aspect which pushes the interactions between players to widely promote their development and the different possible research offer a wide range of customizing the way you play.

    The project is developed in java for the API and the surface of the engine. The internal components are in C++.

    The various libraries and tools:

    -Eclipse(java and CDT for the c++(with g++ as compiler, via mingw under windows)
    -Maven for dependency management.
    -ANT for deployment.

    -Orge 3D
    -Open AL(implimentation soft openal)
    -Netty IO

    Control of Quality:




    Yildiz-Online is now under a public Alpha test, to help developping this project, please feel free to visit the website (yildiz.bitbucket.org) and download the game. We would really appreciate it if you guys report the bugs (if there are any) or simply you can give your feedback(suggestions, ideas...)

    Many thanks!

    Here are some screenshots:




    Yildiz-Online Community Manager.
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  2. yildiz-online

    yildiz-online Ogre Newling

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    Hi everyone!

    It's been a while since we last was in contact with you. The absence was due to the time and effort needed for this MMORTS game, as there is only one programmer working on it. However, the absence was worth it because of the improvements that have been brought to the game.

    This is a summary of the change log for the 0.13.0 verion:

    -Move to java 8
    -Review completely architecture around entities.
    -New module system for entities is ready to be added.
    -Colonies and asteroids are no longer visible by default.
    -New collection API to manage nulls.
    -Improvement of the build.
    -Improved the connection screen to display an error message if the server is down.
    -Many bugs are fixed.
    -The new modular ship functionnality (possibility to customize the ship by changing its weapon, thruster, shield and so on...) is progressing well.

    You can always download the game for free(from the website) to try the newest version and give your opinion about it. Check the facebook page to get the website (Yildiz-Online game).

    Cheers! :)

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