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World war 2 -test

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games' started by rtkwar, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. rtkwar

    rtkwar Big Brute New Ogre

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    thats my new version from world war2 game
    its still under test and development
    ihope people can try it and tell me if you face problem
    World war 2

    you start with 30 turn and 100 petrol
    if you want build factory you will need 10 petrol for each factory
    after you spend all your money you will need end your turn and start new turn for make your factory product units and money

    you have 3 war options:

    2-special operations:
    1-Ground operations:
    a-attack on the enemy soldiers
    b-the destruction of the enemy rocket launchers
    c-the destruction of anti-tank guns
    d-the destruction of anti-aircraft
    e-attack on a military police
    f-attack on bazooka

    2-Air operations
    In air operations are to send reconnaissance aircraft to explore the land of the enemy

    a-Declaration of peace with the State
    b-Declaration of war with the State
    c-Move your army at the borders of the country: Listing of enemy intentions
    d-Bombard Enemy Airports: in this attack you will use bombards for destroy enemy recon plane
    e-Targeting of enemy air defenses: in the attack will be used fighter and attack aircraft and scouts to destroy anti-aircraft and fighter planes to the enemy
    f-Throwing the enemy buildings: the air bombers will be used to try to destroy enemy buildings
    g-Throwing a missile on the cities of the enemy: This is used in the attack, the destruction of some of the soldiers, tanks and anti-aircraft and bombers to the enemy
    h-Soldiers attack on the cities of the enemy: in the attack you can destroy some of the soldiers of the enemy tanks and looted money of the enemy and his factories
    k-Targeting lb tank with the enemy: in the attack will try to attack your aircraft and bombers to destroy some enemy tanks
    l-Airdrop the soldiers in the attack are your aircraft penetrated airspace to enemy cities and bring your soldiers home in this attack can destroy the enemy soldiers, bombers and anti-aircraft artillery and anti-tank and destroy the 3% of enemy tanks
    m-Attack on the ports of the enemy: in the attack will be used for ships and submarines to destroy enemy ships and soldiers have

    ihope you test my game and tell me how you find it
    World war 2
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