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WW2 Air Combat

Discussion in 'MMO Requests' started by 6black6jack6, Jul 5, 2010.

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  1. 6black6jack6

    6black6jack6 BamBam

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    Hello I'm looking for a totally free World War II Air Combat MMO. Here is the criteria. If it doesn't fit the criteria please still do post it but let me know which criteria it does or doesn't fit. I will be using Heroes in the Sky as an example of what I DON'T want.

    • I want it to not be too complicated or realistic but also not too casual.
    • Actual piloting physics are a must (for instance Heroes in the Sky doesn't let you actually use pilot maneuvers instead they are pre-set abilities that you activate to do a barrel roll for instance, this is idiotic if you can't do a barrel roll or a loop on your own than don't do it).
    • Upgrade options for your planes or purchasing other models.
    • Little to no aim assisting (for example in Heroes in the Sky you don't actually have to be aiming anywhere near another plane to actually hit them)
    • Convenient spawn points in matches. Heroes in the Sky spawns you in the air right in the middle of combat regardless of this being directly in front of someones guns. Another example is instantaction.com , in their game it spawns you away from combat but pointed directly at it meaning you get hit with pot shots from across the map.
    • In regards to the former criteria, preferably ground spawning requiring a take off.
    • Campaigns or missions. Preferably though it is an MMO has some sort of single player or campaign option. This is one nice part about Heroes in the Sky, there are many campaign missions that you can either play solo or with other players cooperatively.
    • Downloadable or browser based does not matter but I want it to have at least moderate graphics

    Thanks everyone :)
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