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WYD Community: Shout out and be heard

Discussion in 'Contests, Events, and Giveaways' started by chris, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. chris

    chris Little Spike

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    WYD Community: Shout out and be heard
    When: April 21~ May 18
    1. Must be a registered user of WYD - Episode II : ADVENT OF GODS - FREE MMORPG
    2. Must be a registered user of MMORPG And Free Online RPG Mega Directory
    3. The event will be held in [WYD Global forum section] on your site “linkâ€
    4. Participants can post any of the following:
    • Guides
    • Tips and Tricks
    • Experiences while playing WYD Global
    • Topics related to WYD
    • Screenshot / Fan Art
    • Anything in general
    5. Winners will be chosen by category:
    • Week 1: Best Guide, Tips, and Tricks
    • Week 2: Most Hilarious Topic
    • Week 3: Best Forum Signature
    • Week 4: Best Screenshot / Fan Art
    6. A special prize will be given to the Top Forumer at the end of the event.
    7. Top Forumer will be chosen based on post counts, useful threads and forum popularity.

    Make sure you post topics to WYD Global section. Any post done in other sections will be disregarded no matter how popular your topic is.

    5 winners will be chosen per week
    1. 50 million gold
    2. 10 laktorerium powders

    Top Forumer will receive:
    1. 100 million gold
    2. God Pack
    3. +0 perfect D Le set of your choice
    4. +0 28 MAP or 63 damage type D weapon of your choice (not ancient)
  2. Admin Post

    ogreman Ogre In Charge Staff Member GameOgre Admin

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    This competition is now closed. Thanks goes out to WYD Global and to everyone who participated.
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