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Zentia v1.2 Developer Interview w/ Susan Revelt, Senior Producer

Discussion in 'MMO Interviews' started by GameOgreVideos, Feb 27, 2011.

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    "Zentia is a beautifully rendered MMORPG world where players will step into the shoes of one of 22 former immortals who are tasked with fixing the mortal realm. Players must fight or subdue the demons, monsters and chaos that were let loose upon the world. The game features unique, multi-passenger mounts, extensive pet systems, and an exciting new approach to characterization."

    Zenetia : Online Games Review Directory


    Gameogre: For those who aren’t familiar with Zentia, tell us a little about the game and its backstory. How long has Zentia been running?

    Susan Revelt: Zentia is a humorous MMORPG that offers both PVE and PVP servers. The game itself is based on an ancient Chinese fairytale about 3 immortal bothers who get into a fight and nearly destroy the land of Zentia. Once they see the extent of the damage they decide that they will offer the job to a group of mortals. In their journeys to clean up the world, the mortals gain immortality and rise to join the brothers on their heavenly plane. However, the work is not complete, so the brothers decide to incentivize their new acolytes by removing their immortality until the job is completed. This is where the game begins. Players become one of the acolytes and begin the quest to regain their immortality.

    Zentia started Open Beta on October 13th, 2010 with 24 immortals from which players can choose.

    Gameogre: Zentia is currently gearing up for a huge expansion that is going to happen very soon, taking Zentia into V1.2 . Can you give us a quick overview of this expansion and how it will enrich the Zentia world?

    Susan Revelt: There is a lot of new content in this expansion. Marriage, Lucky charms, Zbay, Solar cards, East Island and the new Self- Discipline system are among some of the exciting new features.

    Lucky Charms are new items dropped by monsters. They allow players to add attribute points and receive unique gifts. The lucky charms also allow players to engage in a game of chance in which they can win bigger prizes.
    Using the new Self Discipline system, players can divert experience to discipline points. These points can then be exchanged for class-based enhancements and new skills.

    East Island is a newly discovered zone for lv70+ characters to explore.


    Gameogre: In this expansion the level cap will be raised to level 80. Are there many players who are at the current level cap? What will this raise in the level cap mean for players?

    Susan Revelt: In Zentia many players have reached the level cap and are anxious to prepare themselves for the next phase of the Heavenly test, which will be available at level 80 in a future update. This will be the hardest test so far. It will take the cooperation of the entire community.

    Gameogre: In addition to raised level cap there will be a new area for lvl 70+ called East Island. What can players expect to find in this new area? How much will this area impact players who are trying to reach the new level cap of 80?

    Susan Revelt: The newly discovered East Island is waiting for players to come and explore. There have been rumors of many strange and wonderful creatures. We’ve heard the island is under the control of the mighty Six-Eared-Ape. For the safety of Zentia’s citizens we have put a bounty on the creature’s hide. There are also areas ravaged by meteoric radiation that can cause confusion and chaos in players, prompting them to attack friend and foe alike.

    Gameogre: Marriage and Divorce is also coming in this expansion just in time for Valentine’s Day. Can you tell us how the marriage and divorce systems will work. What can players can from being married or stand to lose from divorce? Where will the marriages take place ingame?

    Susan Revelt: Marriage takes commitment in Zentia. Players need to prove their love through quests and togetherness before they gain access to the wedding instance. In the wedding instance the Bride and Groom have an opportunity to throw an amazing wedding ceremony and reception for their friends. Dancing, gifts, fireworks, and other goodies are all available to help the happy couple make this the most exciting day of their virtual lives.


    Gameogre: Can you tell us some more about the new Consignment feature that will be in the expansion that allows you to sell items for tokens and also trade to the entire server? How will this new Consignment Feature benefit the players?

    Susan Revelt: Players can now put their rare and unique items up for sale in the new “Zbay” section of the token shop where other players can purchase these items with tokens. It gives players more opportunities to get some of the best items in the game.

    Gameogre: Also in this expansion there will be a new item dropped by Monsters called Lucky Charms. These Lucky Charms will allow you to add attribute points and receive unique gifts. These unique gifts will also involve mini games. Can you tell us some more about the unique gifts, what are some examples of the gifts the players might receive and what can the gifts be used for?

    Susan Revelt: There are a lot of different charms. They can enhance every part of a player’s character including his pets and mounts. For example a charm could give you a toy that could then be given to your pet to increase his loyalty. The better you do at the mini game, the more gifts you get.


    Gameogre: Also can you tell us some about the mini games in which you will be playing? How will the mini games work in game and what types of mini games might players expect to find? Will players be able to choose the mini game they want to play or will it be based on the Lucky Charm or Unique Gift they receive.

    Susan Revelt: The mini game is a race, and if you can get to the end, you may be presented with a divine choice. You must choose wisely. Out of dozens of possible immortals, two will appear and ask you to choose between them. The prizes you win will depend on which immortal you choose.

    Gameogre: In addition to the Lucky Charms, this expansion will also introduce Solar Cards. Different cards are available during each season (Spring cards, Summer cards, etc) Collect the cards much the same way lore paintings are collected. Each card comes with a title, each set gives a high level title. Can you tell us the benefits to these titles and to collecting these cards? Can you give us an example of a title you might get? For those who don’t know about the lore paintings how will you be able to collect the Solar Cards?

    Susan Revelt: Solar Cards are rare items found on monsters all over Zentia. Each card gives the player a new title that provides various stat bonuses. If the player can collect one of the four complete sets of cards he can get a better title.

    Gameogre: This expansion will also introduce Self-Discipline. Can you tell us how Self Discipline works and give us more details about this feature?

    Susan Revelt: Using the new Self Discipline system players can divert experience to discipline points. These points can be exchanged for enhancements and new skills. This is a great end-game feature for our users.


    Gameogre: A Title System is also on the way with New titles, and also a user can display one title while using the attributes from another title, starting at lvl 30. Can you give use some more details about this new system, and a hint at some of the new titles?

    Susan Revelt: It’s pretty straight forward and easy to use. So let’s say you want a buff from your archeologist title but you like being known as “Love Envoy”. You can go into your player title interface and set the Archaeologist title to “Use” and the Love Envoy title to “Display”. Then you’ll see the Love Envoy title above your character but you’ll receive the additional bonuses from the Archaeologist title. Furthermore, many titles now have passive bonuses which are provided even if the titles are not in use!

    Gameogre: Even with all the great things above there is still even more to be found in this expansion including New Recipes for level 80 equipment, New Pets and Mounts, New Items, and New Costumes! Can you tell us about all of these additional new things? What are some of the new pets and mounts players will see in this new expansion? What are the new items and costumes coming and what makes them special or beneficial to the player?

    Susan Revelt: There are too many new items to list them all here. Some of my favorite items are the Red Beard Ape and the Bamboo-copter. The Red Beard Ape will happily carry players on his back as they cast spells at nearby monsters. For players that are more tech savvy, the Bamboo-copter will extend from their backs to fly them around. My favorite new pets are the red and blue flying hearts, named Love and Friendship, respectively. The Friendship pet is an exclusive item only available for a limited time to celebrate the launch of the expansion.

    There will be new Egyptian style costumes, some lovely wedding outfits and the elaborate and beautiful peacock outfit among many others.


    Gameogre: What is your favorite new feature coming with Zentia V1.2 and why?

    Susan Revelt: I really like the marriage system. It is a lot of fun for all levels. The special instance that only you and your spouse can go into is a great feature. It’s like going on a honeymoon every day. A honeymoon where you get to kill monsters!

    Gameogre: Is there anything else coming in the expansion that we may have missed above that you would like to tell us about?

    Susan Revelt: We’ve also taken the player suggestions and added a new side-bar for skills. This gives players more options when customizing their interface in the game.

    Gameogre: Is there any other information about Zentia you would like our community to know?

    Susan Revelt: There is a single and mingle event planned to help players find that special someone to explore the new marriage content. In addition, every Friday there will be a Monster Spawn Event. Our GMs will be summoning some of the new monsters from East Island so that even the brand new players can get a chance to see them.
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