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  • Volnus
    FragZone is nearly done there are some minor things that need to be fixed such as finishing the footer, header, and placing advertisements in their proper locations.

    FragZone is probably going to be the first in a line of styles and by this i mean that we are going to be creating child themes of it. Think of FragZone as the base common, default, parent whatever you want but its the original it has a solid representation of GameOgre. From there, we are going to be making child themes tied to FragZone maybe ones that are tied to games such as League Of Legends, what about having a light style? What about having one that is more arcade like the point is to have this one as a base and to expand from it. This allows us to offer features that enabled or disabled based on user preference. Remember that there is an option to enable a floating navigation well this type of thing could be expanded into other parts of the website by either adding, hiding, or changing certain features on the site.

    Past the forum styles there are somethings that need to be looked at regards the review directory. The way that reviews are being handled currently are not optimal for the current user, also there is a disconnection between the main site and the forums in a number of ways. Other than just login, you can't register, login on the main site with your social media profiles, you can't do a lot of things that we here and this is due to quite a few reasons.

    Furthermore, we will look at syncing the credits between the forums and on the main site which might be difficult and it might not only time will tell, similarly this will go for the logins.

    Next in terms of appearance and functionality the forum skins tend to be darker as the focus and FragZone begins to highlight a nicer choice of colors for us. The main site uses a design that is more fight for a blog rather than a news and review directory where the users are making posts about their favorite games. Therefore the style will be improved and is already being worked on. It's going to highlight some of the important features that we have come to lose with the loss of our directory, and its going to look different from the ground up.

    Finally security and user privacy. We tend to keep things up to date to the best of our ability all of the themes on the forum are updated to prevent risks of vulnerability and we use CF to block potential threats. One area though that we are missing is https. The site does have a valid SSL and you might have known this if you have ever went to MMORPG and Online Game Forums it will load with the green lock (hopefully). This is an area we might shift to using and enforcing SSL has a number of benefits for security and privacy and it can improve the load time quite a bit as all the files are downloaded simultaneously as opposed to in chunks at a time. In the future we might shift to having everything under SSL from the get-go and enforcing an HSTS policy to prevent, spam, and other threats.

    *Bonus - Did you know most network filters such as those found on campuses tend to block only HTTP traffic as they lack any form to decrypt the traffic being sent over. Some campuses and facilities might block the hostname but most are by full url or IP. This is why you can get around say a YouTube block by placing HTTPS in front instead of http because the network has no clue what's being sent over to filter it.
  • Volnus
    This is a simple blog to keep up with everything that I do online for small amounts of work. You will see stuff on this site, and on others some, I don't own others I do. Let's go into what's been done today.

    * All JavaScript is loaded in the footer this will improve the load time for you guys and make for a better forum experience.
    * Steam Integration. This allows you to link your GameOgre account to Steam to retrieve a bunch of information such as the most played games on the forum, who plays the most, and more! You can add your account by going here.
    * Lazy Loading on images. The images will be lazy loaded on long threads leading to improved performance.
    * Fixed the style for the blog on all themes.
    *General Fixes, & Performance Fixes.

    * Added 2 games to a client site with unique descriptions.
    * Solved customer issues for MyArcadePlugin

    This day I was a little busy and I might get more done later tonight but anything I do I will just tack onto the post tomorrow.