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Blog VI. E.(1)

Published by ugmsrocks09 in the blog ugmsrocks09's blog. Views: 213

Welcome to my first blog entry on the sensational website, Gameogre.com. I am new to blogging, therefore, please do not criticize on every detail on my blogs. However, please do leave any comments on what I should work on in the near future.
Today, we'll be covering what I'm planning to use as a schedule for my next upcoming blogs. Furthermore, I'll end off the blog with a little autobiography of who I am. Please take the initiative to follow my blogs and see my latest content.

  • Fridays: Game News
  • Saturdays: Movies, Music, and Current News around the World
  • Sundays: Life-hacks (Formulas, tips, and tricks)
Unfortunately, since I'm still a student in school, I will not be writing any blogs on schooldays. I try to balance my time on Gameogre.com with my priorities in school. Please understand that I do these blogs just because of the fun of it and the jubilance I retain from it. I will try to refrain from any major threads on this website, however, if I am fruitless, forgive me for not being too creative.

I am a 17 year old student in high-school whom has a passion in gaming and socializing with friends. Im mainly an extrovert, therefore if you do notice my replies, I respond intuitively. However, that does not mean I am a man with no conscious reasoning. I make sure to really go to the full extent of caring and being sympathetic to the ones I trust and dearly love. Other than being on this site half my day, I usually do many outdoor and indoor activities. Most of the time, I would be studying for upcoming exams or working out. My main workout routine is practically lifting on weekdays and playing tennis and soccer on the weekends. I try to also get on my favorite games like AQD3 and Smite. However, time is a precious matter that cannot be reclaimed, so I really have little to no time to play games.
I love this community with all my hearts content, it really became a second part of me. I thank all the moderators for answering my questions and taking the initiative talking to me. Everyone here connect through gaming and personal well-being. Therefore, I hope you all of you will have a lovely day and remember Game on!
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