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Blog VI. E.(4)

Published by ugmsrocks09 in the blog ugmsrocks09's blog. Views: 657

Todays Topic: Life-hacks (Formulas, tips, and tricks)
  1. Popsicle Fix
  2. Create a refreshing sprinkler
  3. Create your own Camping light
  4. Build Speakers for your phone
  5. Create some Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

1) Ever wondered how to fix your Popsicle from dripping in this heat? Well you can fix it with just one easy step. First you'll need a cupcake liner and just pierce a hole in the middle. Have the hole big enough to which you can slide your Popsicle stick right through. This will enable your Popsicle from dripping on the floor or your hands. This is a great way to clean up any dirty messes; especially pertaining to children.


2) If you're as cheap as me then this trick may be suitable for you! There are many ways to creates a suitable sprinkler for your yard, however have you ever tried using a Soda bottle? All you would have need is a Soda bottle of any sort and of course a hose to attach it with. First piece small holes onto the side of the bottle, have it cut longitudinal. Make sure the holes are not too wide, just use a knife to pierce small circles. After thats done, you've pretty much created a sprinkler; all you would have to do now is attach it to the hose. It should turn out something like this:


3) If you're low on budget yet have a passion for camping, here's a tip on creating your own camping light. All you will need is a head light and a empty gallon bottle. First, you will have to use a knife to cut out a circle on the side of the bottle. Make sure it's not too big or small, the headlight must at least fit. Afterward, you will have the head light bands around the gallon to which it can be stable. After that, you'll have a functioning camping light. You can use this for filling up your tent with ambient light. Heres a picture down below:


4) Ever wanted to afford a decent speaker system attached to your phone? Well, here's an easy and cheap trick to have functional speakers. All you will need are two paper cups and a toilet roll holder. First cut a line through the middle of the toilet roll dispenser longitudinal to the point where your phone can fit. Next, cut a circle on the side of each cup. Lastly, attach the cups to the dispenser and you're done! Now you're probably thinking that this wouldn't work, however I'm here to disagree my friend! Usually phones have their sounds heard on the bottom of the device. Therefore, when you play music or such, the sounds from the phone vibrates through the tube and cups to which it turns to a functional speaker. Here take a look down below:


5) Alright last trick for the day is creating your own Ice Cream Sandwich! All you will need is a cup of your favorite ice cream (packaged in a container) and some chocolate chip cookies. First, use a knife to cut slices on the cup of ice cream and place it between two cookies. Lastly, just take off the paper portion of container and you're done. It's a simple easy trick, that'll make children go crazy! Take a look down below for illustrative instructions:


That is it for todays blog on Life Hacks! Try it out, it's cheap and affordable! As always my fellow readers, Game-on!
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