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Daily Blog: Post #1

Published by Volnus in the blog Volnus's blog. Views: 1229

This is a simple blog to keep up with everything that I do online for small amounts of work. You will see stuff on this site, and on others some, I don't own others I do. Let's go into what's been done today.

* All JavaScript is loaded in the footer this will improve the load time for you guys and make for a better forum experience.
* Steam Integration. This allows you to link your GameOgre account to Steam to retrieve a bunch of information such as the most played games on the forum, who plays the most, and more! You can add your account by going here.
* Lazy Loading on images. The images will be lazy loaded on long threads leading to improved performance.
* Fixed the style for the blog on all themes.
*General Fixes, & Performance Fixes.

* Added 2 games to a client site with unique descriptions.
* Solved customer issues for MyArcadePlugin

This day I was a little busy and I might get more done later tonight but anything I do I will just tack onto the post tomorrow.
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