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Fourth Personal Blog

Published by ugmsrocks09 in the blog ugmsrocks09's blog. Views: 581

Hello fellow ogres! Nice to see you all stop by to read my personal blog today. Share your comments on my block by replying to the thread. Anyways, thank you!

My Experience in Sports​

Well I've been playing sports ever since the age of 5. I first played Soccer, in a little pee-wee league up in New York. However, it was my first time playing sports and I really didn't understand the point of the game. My mother just placed me in the sport to start getting into the game. Which I ddi later on, however back then I had some funny moments such as getting off side and dribbling the ball and score at the opponents goal as a goalie.

Around the age of 7, I started playing baseball. I try another junior league and obviously, I failed at really hitting the ball. Since, my eye coordination is zero to none. The sport was intense for me, and back then i was pretty sure the bat was too heavy to even hold for me. I decided to quit the sport early, because I wasn't really much of a fan on hitting a ball with a stick. However, the sport does interest me today.

Next I moved on to Basketball. Now this sport was first introduced by my father. Firstly, my father got into basketball ever since his brother started playing street ball in their early teens. He's always been so competitive. Therefore, that competitively that my father has, displays when I play on the court. When i tried playing basketball, all of my shots we're nearly airballs and 'bricks'. All my teammates we're never really supportive as well. I was technically what you call, a bench warmer. My father was always so angry with my time in the game, and argued with my coach. I pretty much quit basketball ever since that season.

Now in Middle school, I was capable of trying out for the football team. Now this sport is actually something I've been in love with for a couple of years beforehand. I also joined some minor leagues playing as a tight-end and defensive end due to my body size. I was actually pretty tall for a 9-12 year old back then. Therefore, I got the position playing for Team A, which is practically the Varsity team in my Middle school. I earned the award the 'most improved' since I was able to really change the game saving my team with some QB sacks. I really loved playing football and continued on till 8th grade. Now, at this period of time, growth spurts are noticeable. It'll especially be seen by the football teams around us. I've start to see a lot more larger and buffer pre-teens playing as our opponents from different schools. We've started to lose and I've started to get a ton of bruises and even one major hit to my chin. I pretty much stopped playing football at the end of that year.

Recently, in high school I've started to play tennis and soccer again. I've trained a couple of years prior before tryouts. I made junior-varsity on both teams and really worked my way up. I trained everyday, giving 110% to all my workouts. I've improved on both sports and was able to join the varsity teams on both sports. I continue to play these two sports and really have an attachment to both games on TV as well. I was able to win two district medals in Tennis and a second place medal in districts for soccer.

This is my personal blog on my life in playing sports. Anyways, as always Game-on!

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