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Gaming Blog (MMORPG) ep II

Published by Mayonnaise in the blog Mayonnaise's blog. Views: 456

Neo Steam is a unique kind of FREE MMO RPG. It is a steampunk – ish with makes it interesting. The plot is also interesting as it involves war between four nations/ races. It is uncommon to see steam punk – ish type of MMO Rpgs.

It was the time when Fly for Fun was on it’s peak . games like get amped, M.U.
are it’s competitors (at least in my time.)
It was the underdog cos a lot of players do not see it very appealing.

My brother introduced it to me, but then he didnt like it for a long time. Meanwhile, me, i was really interested by it so i continued playing it even tho my brother stopped.

So i was interested and started to try the game out. I installed the game and patched the files. After some minutes or hours of loading, the game finally started!
Well, like any other Multi Media Online Role Playing Games , i am clueless on what to do. I looked at the scenery watched interesting cutscenes and marvel upon the beauty of the game. I can say i was in awe that typical moment. It was a spectacular sight. Well there are Quest directions which help newbies like me to traverse and get familiar with the features of the game. You will be given quests that will require some easy tasks to do and progress to more harder tasks. What’s interesting for me is when i got outside of the safe zone, there’s a huge map with a huge variety of creatures, big and smal, cute and scary, steam punk – ishly awesome. At first, I killed weak monsters required for the completion of my quests. Some equipments dropped like other Multi Media Online Role Playing Games. But even though i am still weak, i encountered big scary monsters that killed me without sweaty sweat. They kicked my ash easily. So I avoided that and realised it’s an open world. But some areas can’t be accessed until after you complete a point of the story.
I encounter cool ash big ash vehicles where players are riding. I was like “oooo cool ash kids!” “I am going to be a cool ash kid some time too” well it really was cool.
I am not fond of steam – punk – ish settings but dam, even I was totally dazed and amazed by the game.
There is also a day and night feature. Where the in game time turns to night and day constantly. It is a pretty good feature. It adds up with the role – playing feel. Plus it also compliments the graphics and the scenery of the areas

I enjoyed the night traversing to from the plains to the dunes. It was a pretty scenery. I say that is the true meaning and essence of an RPG (role playing game). To be able to enjoy what is being laid out in front of the player ( you).

I even experienced facing a big ash giant ash titanic ash Ginormous ash creature. Where you can enter it’s mouth and find yourself in a dungeon inside it’s belly! XD sounds like Jonah getting swallowed by a big – ash whale from the Christian Bible.

Well, i’m saying this is really a fun game, although it did not become so muchy popular as the other MMORPGs. It’s awesome. You should try it. c:
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