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Gaming Blog (MMORPG) ep III

Published by Mayonnaise in the blog Mayonnaise's blog. Views: 765

I will be discussing my experience with a game called "M.U. Online" :3

First of all, i have played M. U. Online for like a year.
It was great. I discovered the game when my brother introduced it to me. (So basically i didn’t discover it cx)

Well, at that time, Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game’s graphics arent that good still. So i can consider M. U. Online’s graphics to be neat and good. At that time, there were other Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games competitors. Like the Neo Steam (which i preferred more than the M. U. Online) and Perfect World (which i consider the best up until now aside from AQ3D).

First Impression :
The setting is medieval – ish which i liked. The towns, the castles, the villages. They were medieval – ish in every way. The Non Player Characters (NPCs) do look medieval – ish too. So basically, i liked the setting / concept.

The stat systemis very important. You should b careful on distributing your stats because you wont be abe to revert it back. Distributing wrong stats to wrong classes are bad obviously. Imagine a fairy who uses long range of arrays of arrow attacks with high vitality / hp / sturdiness.. Amazing :D..
Or, imagine a dark knight with low ho high magic stat.. Sounds like a weird meta..

Choosing my character :
There are four races / classes to choose from, the Fairy, The Magic Gladiator, the Dark Knight, and the Dark Sorcerrer. These different classes / raises have different skillsets and different playstyles. The magic Gladiator was my favorite but i mainly used Fairy. The Magic gladiator was the kind of like a fighter but with the help and use of magic. (Spells are aquired through books, some spells are worth real money like the “Evil Spirits” or the “Hellfire”). It specializes in pure combat meaning this race / class is a damage dealer.

The Dark Knighter is much like a physical fighter which specializes in sturdiness / vitality and a good damge dealing aspects. A balanced hero.

The Fairy, which is my main class / race, have a very tricky type of playstyle. It is the best damage dealer there is ( if played correctly and with the best / correct stat distribution). It’s health / vitality / sturdiness is weakishly weak.
It’s range compensates with its low hp cos fairies use bows as weapons. You would want to distribute like 3o points to it’s vitality then all points on attack etc. Or something like that.

The dark sorcerrer is basically a wizard who uses magical spells and devastating forms of magic. They have to buff up their magic stat as much as they can. And be strong enough to bring out the potential of spells and capable enough for magical points / mana points.

All in all, the graphics are good before bit now, its putdated. The gameplay can get kinda laggy with skill spamming afking plus smashing health and mana potions when grinding for expensive pricey materials. The camera isnt reversible or i mean, manageable. Its fixed on top view only (somewhat isometric) well its not really bad
But its outdated now.

I liked the game c: i enjoyed it. But at that time, it wasn't free to playey sadly. I needed to constantly pay for like a membership. It's one of the reasons why i stopped playing. But it's still a great game on it's own <3
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