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My very first MMORPG!

Published by Mayonnaise in the blog Mayonnaise's blog. Views: 479

Perfect World is the very first MMORPG i ever played.

It was first introduced to me by my brother. Back then, Although i play videogames, i wasn’t too interested too much.
So i tried entering the game. Of course i didnt know what i was doing, my brother taught me everything i need to do. The basics, the skills, the stats.
I was the best noob ever :3
I never played without my brother.
So as i play and play day by day, i started appreciating the sceneries. The views of the mountains, the refreshing feel of the rivers, the sweet ambience of the ocean. Those kinds of things. They were all inside that game. It was sweet. That’s how i got into playing video games.

So first of all. As a newbie, you will find it hard to get to familiarize with thingies. You’ll be having a hard time soloing quests if you dont have a helper wiv you. The world is vast, swimming is allowed, you can get lost if you werent careful enough.

After you finish the basic quests, youll be hamging around rhe main city from time to time.

Introducing FASHION!
as i wandered throught the main city, i saw people with their own markets, selling stuff. I happened to stumble upon some items which they call fashion. I was like.. Wooooahh.
Sweet. It’s very cool.

Now about the skills.
There were plenty of skills id really remember. It was cool and by far, smooth. The fighting styles are sufficient.
There are RACES instead of CLASSES.
which i find somewhat annoying yet okay.
Each race have designated 2 classes which you can choose from.

As I was leveling, i noticed that GOLDthere is scarce.. He said i should collect eevery gold drops. Every gold counts. Travelling costed gold so people used flight items, or mounts. Mounts that can increase ypur speed.
Flights are actually better to use for travelling cos they are faster compared to travelling at foot. My brother wqs the one who bought me a pink horse and wings. Sweet~ he said it was a gift.

Now, wandering around can be a little bit hard. But hey. We got portals. Cosmetics and other cool items can be bought through gold. They even sell lions for millions :O

DUNGEONS! There are dungeons that you can go and have party with plenty of players. Dungeons are a bit hard and tricky. There are puzzles. And the bosses are really really hard to beat. There are levels of dungeons. I vant remember but same dungeons have different levels depending on what map you have. Dungeons are the places where you can get the best gears for ypur character. I remember, my brother and his friends took me to this high lvl dungeon. All i did is leech. XD

MARRIAGE SYSTEM! now.. This is a shock to me. You can actually marry! XO
That is sweet! Marrying is not just about sweet blah blah etc. Ypu get to have bonuses, gifts and other perks from npcs.

This game is amazing. Guilds too are present and they go to guild wars with other clans to claim a territory. Claiming a territory gives ypu many bonuses too.
So yes.. This game is the best for me
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