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Ragnarok: Spear of Odin SEA

Published by Drake_Green in the blog Drake_Green's blog. Views: 1033

Ragnarok: Spear of Odin

Today I was surprised to hear(or rather see) the news online on my facebook page that at long last my awaited game is finally coming in South East Asia.

Unfortunately, I don't have an android phone but I did search for phone emulators that I can use once it's released. They said they are releasing the CBT on SEA many of the players were disappointed saying things like "CBT again!?" or "How many CBT's do you need?" But what they don't know is that it was only available in Singapore now it's in SEA!!

And I'm excited!! I am a fan of the Ragnarok franchise (wanna say avid fan but...well you know) and was looking forward to this game for a long time and I thought it's about time they released it (Breaths Heavily).

For all of you out there that have the same feeling as me PM or check out their FB page for updates, I think I saw freebies and rewards there check it out for yourself.
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