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Ragnarok: Spear of Odin

Published by Drake_Green in the blog Drake_Green's blog. Views: 474

Goodday to all, I'm kinda happy that some ogre's read my blogs thanks guys, well today I wanna talk about some good and bad points of the game. now I'll be honest it's not really a good topic or so to say, but still I wanna talk about what I discovered and what wrong with the game. Firstly I know that everybody wanted the original ragnarok game turned into a mobile game, secondly I also know that the chinese created a server for this kind of game and we all wanted to play it unfotunately there is a language barrier. thirdly they created this game to bring justice to the calls of the player who wanted a mobile game for Ragnarok. Lastly I liked how they tackled this game how they brought new life to the game, given it new graphics, given it a new vibe that feels nostalgic in a way uhm.. I want to say they did a good job and I know there's a few bugs and glitches here and there but I hope it gets better day by day.
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