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Third Personal Blog

Published by ugmsrocks09 in the blog ugmsrocks09's blog. Views: 1216

Hello fellow ogres! Nice to see you all stop by to read my personal blog today. Share your comments on my block by replying to the thread. Anyways, thank you!

My Obsession to Listening to ASMRs​
Are you the type that has trouble trying to fall asleep at night, or relaxing at some of the most stressful moments? Well, personally all I would do is pull up an ASMR video on youtube and start listening. Fun fact, I'm writing this blog while listening to an ASMR by ASMR darling. Listening to ASMRs is an obsession for me; the sounds provided in the videos just sends tingles throughout my body. Personally, this tingling sensation really relaxes me also surprises me at the same time learning how sounds can really affect someones state of mind.

I've started listening to ASMRs this summer, mainly because I was in need of something that can help relieve my stress over taking the SAT. I've been doing so much preparation and such that I need more than just family comfort in order to motivate me to pick up a pencil and start taking notes. Therefore, I tried listening to some 'study music' to help with my study sessions. Yet, after trying all sorts of low bass beats and sound-waves like Lofi Hip Hop, this music still never really satisfied my needs. Therefore, I decided to do some further research to assist me with my studies. A title came up to my head one day, ASMR, that I never really took any interest in looking into. Therefore, I gave it a try typing 'ASMR study with me' on the youtube browser. Turns out, I've been looking for this my whole life. ASMRs really allows me to focus on my studies and satisfies my 'hearing' at the same time.

Whats great about ASMRs? Well first off, it's completely free on youtube. There are thousands of ASMR channels out there with different and creative content. Some of which I can suggest are, ASMR Darling, ASMR Cherry, and etc. Those two channels are personally my favorite ASMRist. They create some creative content and sometimes post weekly or daily videos. One thing I found ASMRs really help on is sleep depravity. My friends would always come up to me asking for help when trying to sleep because their schedules are all messed up. Mainly due to them playing games throughout midnight and continuing in the morning. I would also sometimes wake up to see some of my friends stay up the whole night playing WoW. What I'd just tell them is to pull out something to read and start listening to some ASMR. I doubt anyone couldn't resist drifting away from reading and start dozing off. It works for me all the time.

When is the best time to listen to ASMRs? Anytime really, mainly when ever you are in stress or pain; I would definitely suggest you to lie down on your couch or bed and start listening. However, most people do usually listen to it before sleeping mainly because it's a great substitute for sleeping pills. However, either way works, it all depends on the person.

How to set the mood for listening to an ASMR? Well, you would definitely need a comfortable place to lie down or sit on. Also, I'd recommend somewhere that has cool air ventilating. I'd recommend doing some quick stretches before heading off to bed to really send blood flowing throughout your body.

In conclusion, I suggest everyone to try out any ASMR on youtube and take a listen for oneself. It's another great free source to help one sleep and relax overtime. Anyways, thank you for reading some of my personal blogs and I'll see you all later on next one. As always Game-on!​
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