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  • Bola_bola
    Blog: Bola_bola's blog. By Bola_bola at 7:46 PM.
    Ragnarok Journey opened a new server in June 6, 2017 as more and more players are ready to experience and start their own journey in the lands of Midgart! During my revisitation in ROJ, I've noticed a bunch of things that changed over the course of months. Their latest updates included some bug...
  • Bola_bola
    Blog: Bola_bola's blog. By Bola_bola at 1:12 AM.
    Since 2000, Ragnarok franchise have been innovative and creative in terms of gameplay, expansive, player based and a fun community. I personally been part of some of the Ragnarok games they have released. In this year, they have decided to take on another advent. They named it Ragnarok...
  • djolebelevode
    Blog: djolebelevode's blog. By djolebelevode at 9:52 AM.
    I thought to make tier list of best champions for every new patch ,i would make list for every role and i would discuss with you,and make your climbing a lot easier,would you follow this blog,give some feedback so i will know what to do
  • Volnus
    Blog: Volnus's blog. By Volnus at 11:58 AM.
    FragZone is nearly done there are some minor things that need to be fixed such as finishing the footer, header, and placing advertisements in their proper locations. FragZone is probably going to be the first in a line of styles and by this i mean that we are going to be creating child themes...
  • Volnus
    Blog: Volnus's blog. By Volnus at 8:57 AM.
    Games on the forum arcade consist of Flash Only games with high score capability. It runs on the same type of software that the previous forum did only with a different interface, and rules. The old forum ran IPB games which are a type of flash game with an inbuilt API that we can connect the...
  • Volnus
    Blog: Volnus's blog. By Volnus at 12:21 PM.
    There is a new GameOgre Theme coming to the forum and its an option for all users you can select the theme "FragZone". This theme is nearly complete there are styles and stuff to be improved and fixed but it's coming together quite nicely. Some of the key things about it. - Responsive more so...
  • Volnus
    Blog: Volnus's blog. By Volnus at 3:18 PM.
    [IMG] This is a simple blog to keep up with everything that I do online for small amounts of work. You will see stuff on this site, and on others some, I don't own others I do. Let's go into what's been done today. GameOgre * All JavaScript is loaded in the footer this will improve the load...
  • Aaddron
    Blog: Aaddron's blog. By Aaddron at 9:15 PM.
    Re-Post - The Living World of Animal Crossing 70 hours. 1 month. Neither are extraordinary numbers for seasoned gamers but still above the cut and for me, someone who plays many times of games and frequently bounces between them it’s become pretty rare a game holds my attention like this....