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  1. I will be discussing my experience with a game called "M.U. Online" :3

    First of all, i have played M. U. Online for like a year.
    It was great. I discovered the game when my brother introduced it to me. (So basically i didn’t discover it cx)

    Well, at that time, Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game’s graphics arent that good still. So i can consider M. U. Online’s graphics to be neat and good. At that time, there were other Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games competitors. Like the Neo Steam (which i preferred more than the M. U. Online) and Perfect World (which i consider the best up until now aside from AQ3D).

    First Impression :
    The setting is medieval – ish which i liked. The towns, the castles, the villages. They were medieval – ish in every way. The Non Player Characters (NPCs) do look medieval – ish too. So basically, i liked the setting / concept.

    The stat systemis very important. You should b careful on distributing your stats because you wont be abe to revert it back. Distributing wrong stats to wrong classes are bad obviously. Imagine a fairy who uses long range of arrays of arrow attacks with high vitality / hp / sturdiness.. Amazing :D..
    Or, imagine a dark knight with low ho high magic stat.. Sounds like a weird meta..

    Choosing my character :
    There are four races / classes to choose from, the Fairy, The Magic Gladiator, the Dark Knight, and the Dark Sorcerrer. These different classes / raises have different skillsets and different playstyles. The magic Gladiator was my favorite but i mainly used Fairy. The Magic gladiator was the kind of like a fighter but with the help and use of magic. (Spells are aquired through books, some spells are worth real money like the “Evil Spirits” or the “Hellfire”). It specializes in pure combat meaning this race / class is a damage dealer.

    The Dark Knighter is much like a physical fighter which specializes in sturdiness / vitality and a good damge dealing aspects. A balanced hero.

    The Fairy, which is my main class / race, have a very tricky type of playstyle. It is the best damage dealer there is ( if played correctly and with the best / correct stat distribution). It’s health / vitality / sturdiness is weakishly weak.
    It’s range compensates with its low hp cos fairies use bows as weapons. You would want to distribute like 3o points to it’s vitality then all points on attack etc. Or something like that.

    The dark sorcerrer is basically a wizard who uses magical spells and devastating forms of magic. They have to buff up their magic stat as much as they can. And be strong enough to bring out the potential of spells and capable enough for magical points / mana points.

    All in all, the graphics are good before bit now, its putdated. The gameplay can get kinda laggy with skill spamming afking plus smashing health and mana potions when grinding for expensive pricey materials. The camera isnt reversible or i mean, manageable. Its fixed on top view only (somewhat isometric) well its not really bad
    But its outdated now.

    I liked the game c: i enjoyed it. But at that time, it wasn't free to playey sadly. I needed to constantly pay for like a membership. It's one of the reasons why i stopped playing. But it's still a great game on it's own <3
  2. Neo Steam is a unique kind of FREE MMO RPG. It is a steampunk – ish with makes it interesting. The plot is also interesting as it involves war between four nations/ races. It is uncommon to see steam punk – ish type of MMO Rpgs.

    It was the time when Fly for Fun was on it’s peak . games like get amped, M.U.
    are it’s competitors (at least in my time.)
    It was the underdog cos a lot of players do not see it very appealing.

    My brother introduced it to me, but then he didnt like it for a long time. Meanwhile, me, i was really interested by it so i continued playing it even tho my brother stopped.

    So i was interested and started to try the game out. I installed the game and patched the files. After some minutes or hours of loading, the game finally started!
    Well, like any other Multi Media Online Role Playing Games , i am clueless on what to do. I looked at the scenery watched interesting cutscenes and marvel upon the beauty of the game. I can say i was in awe that typical moment. It was a spectacular sight. Well there are Quest directions which help newbies like me to traverse and get familiar with the features of the game. You will be given quests that will require some easy tasks to do and progress to more harder tasks. What’s interesting for me is when i got outside of the safe zone, there’s a huge map with a huge variety of creatures, big and smal, cute and scary, steam punk – ishly awesome. At first, I killed weak monsters required for the completion of my quests. Some equipments dropped like other Multi Media Online Role Playing Games. But even though i am still weak, i encountered big scary monsters that killed me without sweaty sweat. They kicked my ash easily. So I avoided that and realised it’s an open world. But some areas can’t be accessed until after you complete a point of the story.
    I encounter cool ash big ash vehicles where players are riding. I was like “oooo cool ash kids!” “I am going to be a cool ash kid some time too” well it really was cool.
    I am not fond of steam – punk – ish settings but dam, even I was totally dazed and amazed by the game.
    There is also a day and night feature. Where the in game time turns to night and day constantly. It is a pretty good feature. It adds up with the role – playing feel. Plus it also compliments the graphics and the scenery of the areas

    I enjoyed the night traversing to from the plains to the dunes. It was a pretty scenery. I say that is the true meaning and essence of an RPG (role playing game). To be able to enjoy what is being laid out in front of the player ( you).

    I even experienced facing a big ash giant ash titanic ash Ginormous ash creature. Where you can enter it’s mouth and find yourself in a dungeon inside it’s belly! XD sounds like Jonah getting swallowed by a big – ash whale from the Christian Bible.

    Well, i’m saying this is really a fun game, although it did not become so muchy popular as the other MMORPGs. It’s awesome. You should try it. c:
  3. Perfect World is the very first MMORPG i ever played.

    It was first introduced to me by my brother. Back then, Although i play videogames, i wasn’t too interested too much.
    So i tried entering the game. Of course i didnt know what i was doing, my brother taught me everything i need to do. The basics, the skills, the stats.
    I was the best noob ever :3
    I never played without my brother.
    So as i play and play day by day, i started appreciating the sceneries. The views of the mountains, the refreshing feel of the rivers, the sweet ambience of the ocean. Those kinds of things. They were all inside that game. It was sweet. That’s how i got into playing video games.

    So first of all. As a newbie, you will find it hard to get to familiarize with thingies. You’ll be having a hard time soloing quests if you dont have a helper wiv you. The world is vast, swimming is allowed, you can get lost if you werent careful enough.

    After you finish the basic quests, youll be hamging around rhe main city from time to time.

    Introducing FASHION!
    as i wandered throught the main city, i saw people with their own markets, selling stuff. I happened to stumble upon some items which they call fashion. I was like.. Wooooahh.
    Sweet. It’s very cool.

    Now about the skills.
    There were plenty of skills id really remember. It was cool and by far, smooth. The fighting styles are sufficient.
    There are RACES instead of CLASSES.
    which i find somewhat annoying yet okay.
    Each race have designated 2 classes which you can choose from.

    As I was leveling, i noticed that GOLDthere is scarce.. He said i should collect eevery gold drops. Every gold counts. Travelling costed gold so people used flight items, or mounts. Mounts that can increase ypur speed.
    Flights are actually better to use for travelling cos they are faster compared to travelling at foot. My brother wqs the one who bought me a pink horse and wings. Sweet~ he said it was a gift.

    Now, wandering around can be a little bit hard. But hey. We got portals. Cosmetics and other cool items can be bought through gold. They even sell lions for millions :O

    DUNGEONS! There are dungeons that you can go and have party with plenty of players. Dungeons are a bit hard and tricky. There are puzzles. And the bosses are really really hard to beat. There are levels of dungeons. I vant remember but same dungeons have different levels depending on what map you have. Dungeons are the places where you can get the best gears for ypur character. I remember, my brother and his friends took me to this high lvl dungeon. All i did is leech. XD

    MARRIAGE SYSTEM! now.. This is a shock to me. You can actually marry! XO
    That is sweet! Marrying is not just about sweet blah blah etc. Ypu get to have bonuses, gifts and other perks from npcs.

    This game is amazing. Guilds too are present and they go to guild wars with other clans to claim a territory. Claiming a territory gives ypu many bonuses too.
    So yes.. This game is the best for me
  4. Introduction
    The game was introduced to me by my brother few years ago.
    At first, i just watched him play. Shooting enemies, throwing bombs, flash or smoke. Etc etc.
    But then he asked if i wanted to play. I have some experiences with first person shooter games like Army of 2, and Call of Duty series.
    S i tried playing, first, i played with Easy bots (not knowing they were easy bots to begin with)

    I felt like a god playing the game! I owned them! Kills after kills.
    “Ha! This is pretty easy!” Something like those were my words. Then he broke it to me and said “Those were easy bots”

    ( ; – ; )
    But then i was challenged. I tried learning the basics, from easy bots to difficult. When my brother thought that i’m going to be fine, he bought me the game after like 2 or 3 ( ayyup maybe 2) days of trying bots.

    *Playing with other players*
    So i tried playing with my brother, he covered me from side to side, (me still feeling invincible)
    It was fun.

    I tried playing solo..
    The keys were still a bit confusing. Same with the maps and the menus. I played the one where you can spawn multiple times and kill many times to rake up points until the time limit.
    Can u imagine, me me me spawning.. Then there is already a player waiting for me to move (cos of invincibility phase) so that he can kill me again after respawning. The nerve!
    I enjoy using snipers. Shoot down enemies in one zap! Shazam!
    But i tend to die a lot.
    I play like a nub. I legit scream while playing whenever i see an enemy! ( or even an ally! )
    There was once a time where i fired at an ally non stop the after few seconds.. I realised i shot my team mate.

    The community k
    The community seems kinda ok.. But no! It’s not okay xD
    Just like how dota 2 players flamey flame blame each other, it is the same with Counter Strike : Global Offensive. If you are a “noob” you will have to swallow a lot of curses.
    Well, that is all part of the game is it not? :r

    It makes you more raging to shot down enemies either with a pistol or with an AK. Pap pap pap pap evewywhere :3

    There are skins too. Skins are nice in game as you can enjoy how you want your game to look like. Knives are my favorite items. My brother just throws junky junk items to me so i have plenty xD
    Sometimes he gifts me shiny pricey fance ones. It’s so fun to experience war and the adrenaline and screaming.

    Obviously, you can say i really enjoyed this game that my brother bought for me. It’s a sweet freakishly freaking game.

    Thumbs uppy~
    I would rate 11/1o
    But because of hackers i will just put 10.5/10
  5. Okay so today im gonna share you my goofy impression of the sandbox game, "Minecraft" cx

    Minecraft is like a simulator game where you can do almost anything build anything, craft anythung you want to.
    There are 2 options on how to play
    in creative, you have everything on your inventory. Unlimited resources, unobtainable items such as spawn eggs, You can even fly, acces every place in the world you enter. You will never be hungry and ypu will never die. Basically, you are a god-like being [​IMG]
    You can get acces to strong swords, enchantment books etc. Creative is a good way for testing out stuff. Or building huge projects such as skycrapers or even a giant Smurf (idk)
    It is fun to play with friends.
    In survival, you start without any items. You start from scratch. Gathering wood, crafting tools to aid your survival. You also gather food, be it fruits , cropss or meat. Youre avatar can get hungry.and will lose health points (hearts).
    There are 3 or 4 difficulties (sorry for the inconsistency)
    Peaceful, Easy, Normal, Hard

    On peaceful, you won’t get hungry. But will still die if you drown, fall to lava for a long time, burn with fire, or fall from high places.
    There will be no enemies, no zombies, no endermen, no skeletons, creepers etc..
    On Easy, enemies will start spawning at night or on dark places. They attack you and will lose hearts if you arent careful enough.. And will die in the process.
    Normal and Hard are the difficult versions of easy, where mobs hit harder and spawn rate are quicker.
    There are different biomes i have explored so far :
    Savannah : Like plains, flowers grow, tall grasses can sometimes be seen. Horses are plenty.
    Dessert : too hot! Omg. Rabbits! Sand~ Sand! And plenty of sand! Sadly.
    Taiga Biomes : this is where you can tame wolves. Yes. Wolves. Feed them skelethingies.
    Jungle : this is my favorite part! I can go screaming OHHH AWAWAWAWA! (Tarzan)
    XD tame cats here using fishes.
    (An ice and snow filled Biome) i cant quite remember.
    It’s so vast. Too many exciting things to explore. :3

    I have seen and entered generated structures so far
    JUNGLE TEMPLE (consisting of a monster filled room) i die here a lot. By i mean a lot, i mean reeally really alot.

    DESERT TEMPLE : me: oo oooo omg i see chest. Not just one! But 3! Or 4! Wooooh! Am rich lets go diving! (Dives down) *click* *hissssssss*
    Me: wait… What is that?….. *BOOOOOOOOM!* rip in potata. You were blown off by TNT
    Xd. Exciting right?

    Cobwebs, Spiders, Zombies and even Creepers! Can come at you from any freakin direction.
    But hey :3 you can get good stuff from it. So yay

    STRONGHOLD: *whisper whispers* this is the most hard structure i tried to conquer wiv my cousins. (Even tho i didnt do much) i mean.. Silverfish?! Lots and lots? Oh rip in potata

    OCEAN MONUMENTS : the most breath – taking structure. Literally. XD underwater fighting skills. You will feel like aquaman.

    WITCH’S HUT : you can smell a witch’s cooking abilities here. It gots a cauldron (which i always rob) xD

    Well. It’s pretty enjoyable as always. It offers a lot of amazing moments.

    Minecraft is really amazing right? c:
  6. Hello everyone. c:
    Today i'll be posting about my experiences and adventures in an MMORPG game. Such as AQ3D

    First of all, i want you to know that Role Playing Games are my favorite types of games. I love adventuring fantasies and worlds i have never seen before. It's like i'm roaming through a fairy tale and i'm part of it. It's amazing. These games take away my stress every time. Especially when there's a scenery i have never seen before or is really beautiful to the point that i'll stay there for some few minites, or even hours!! :3 yes. It's so fascinating for me. Even a volcanic zone can make you feel "Woah... <3"
    View attachment 2066

    Or a gloomy Moonlit still seashore...
    Can make you feel at ease..
    Silence, Peace of mind..

    View attachment 2067
    Just like that.. See how beautiful it seems to be? It's so relaxing even if it's just through a monitor.

    Well obviously, i love fairy tales, fantasies and world unknow to me. That's another reason how i got into gaming.

    it's a lovely experience. If you find yourself an adventurous person like me, then MMORPGs might be a good type of activity to undergo <3

    Have a good day~
  7. Hi everyone, this is my first time writing for blog posts. So basically, this is all new to me, sharing life happenings, hobbies, likings etc. etc. Will be the focus of my blogs.
    But mostly, i will focus on games and my experiences. Because GameOgre is a gaming community c:

    I will tell you how I ended up in the gamer category of humans haha. When I was a kid, there are only few or no times at all that I can get out and play with friends and neighbors. I can only play with my elder brother often. He was 13 back then and I was 11.
    He had this games and consoles that I am curious about. I only play with my cats and sometimes watch movies. By movies I mean kiddy movies. And oh, TV shows too. When I go to school, i dont have enough time for playground cos my parents are always on time fetching me. So yup, i got curiious with my brother's toys, and so i asked him if i could try playing those, at first he didnt want me to. He thought that I would probably be all clumsy sluggish and would end up breaking his toys.

    I was still curious so i kept on bugging him. The day I finally had the chance to play was when he is playing FamiCom.

    I dont know how to play the game. There were varieties of games if i remember correctly. He played with me. Like the classic player 1 and Player 2.

    It was fun gettijg the hang of Ice Climber. Etc etc. So that's how i got myself into gaming.

    Side story : i grew up not fond of playing dolls (as every girl would be doing)
    I'm creeped out whenever i see dolls. I don't mind the plushies. But the human dolls.. They are... So muchy creepy :c
    I blame that Chuckie movie :3

    Well anyways, i hope you enjoyed my short story. c: